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STEM Career Exploration

Explore STEM Careers through Immersion and Activities

STEM Career Exploration

As Project LEAPES takes shape, STEM Career Exploration activities will be uploaded to our website. These experiences will be immersive opportunities that engage students with STEM, specifically in our 3 focus areas (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Aerospace Engineering). We intend for every STEM Exploration Activity to be free and available to teachers for instruction, and to students for their own research.

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Current Projects

Rural Student Spotlights

Grain Elevator in Alden, KS

Our inaugural video series, the Rural Student Spotlights, will highlight current students at Kansas State University and other in-state colleges and universities who will talk about their degrees, career options, and useful bits of information to high school students who may be considering lots of careers. While these students will represent diverse voices and backgrounds, they will all have a common background of being from a rural area in Kansas.


Upcoming Projects

Industry Virtual Tours

Using a 360-degree camera and cutting-edge software, the REC will produce multiple virtual tours of our industry partners. While nothing can replicate visiting a business in-person and being able to ask all of the questions that come to mind, we hope that these tours can come close. Allowing students to virtually explore the ins-and-outs of a business and interacting with "hotspots" to gain additional information will increase student awareness and knowledge of STEM careers.