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Department of Statistics

Ph.D. Graduates

Dissertations from 2008 to the present are available in their entirety through the K-State Research Exchange Forum (K-Rex).

GraduateAdvisor Dissertation TitleYear
Ren, JieC. WuHigh-dimensional variable selection for genomics data, from both frequentist and Bayesian perspectives2020
Chen, JianfengW. HsuMarginal cure rate models for long-term survivors2019
Chitakasempornkul, KessineeN. BelloAddressing Challenges of Hierarchical Structural Equation Modeling in Animal Agriculture2019
Luo, JianmeiM.HigginsThreshold clustering for massive data2019
McGowan, YanC. VahlPredicting drug residue depletion to establish a withdrawal period with data below the limit of quantitation (LOQ2019
Moradijamei, BehnazM. HigginsDetecting communities and performing statistical inferences on networks through renewal non-backtracking random walks2019
Ofori, FrancisJ. DuThe impact of weather change on Nitrous Oxide Emission with Spatial Pattern Detection and Large Data Approximation2019
Wu, MengjiaoS. Dubnicka C. VahlEquivalence testing for identity authentication using pulse waves from photoplethysmograph2019
Yu, SuizhiW. HsuA covariate-adjusted classification model for multiple biomarkers in disease-screening and diagnosis2019
Zhang, HuaiyuH.WangMore pwerful two -sample tests for univariate and high-dimensional data2019
Jia, WejiaW. SongGoodness-of-fit tests in measurement error models with replications2018
Li, XintongJ. DuModeling for spatial and spatio-temporal data with applications2018
Li, XiongyaW. SongRobust Multivariate Mixture Regression Models2018
Natarajan, BalaW. SongAsymptotic properties of Non-parametric Regression with Beta Kernels2018
Mawella, NadeeshaW. HsuA robust test of homogeneity in zero-inflated models for count data2018
Mahmood, SharifM. HigginsFinding common support and assessing matching methods for causal inference 2017
Opoku-Nsiah, RichardH. WangA computationally efficient bootstrap-equivalent test for ANOVA in skewed populations with a large number of factor levels2017
Tong, BoH. WangMore Accurate Two-sample Comparisons for Skewed Populations2016
Bai, XiuquinW. YaoRobust Mixtures of Regression Models2014
Chen, YixinW. YaoStatistical Inference for Varying Coefficient Models2014
Gharaibeh, MohammedH. WangNonparametric Lack-of-Fit Tests in Presence of Heteroscedastic Variances2014
Sahtout, MohammadH. WangImproving the Performance of the Prediction Analysis of Microarrays Algorithm Via Different Thresholding Methods and Heteroscedastic Modeling2014
Xiang, SijiaW. YaoSemiparametric Mixture Models2014
Yu, ChunW. YaoRobust Mixture Modeling2014
Serasinghe, Roshan NiranjalaG. GadburyIndividual Mediating Effects and the Concept of Terminal Measures Data2013
Richardson, Troy E.G. GadburyTreatment Heterogeneity and Potential Outcomes in Linear Mixed Effects Models2013
Zheng, LianqingG. GadburyStatistical Identification of Metabolic Reactions Catalyzed by Gene Products of Unknown Function2013
Ramirez, Girly MangubaH. WangPrediction and Variable Selection in Sparse Ultrahigh Dimensional Additive Models2013
Demel, Samuel SethJ. DuModeling and Computations of Multivariate Datasets in Space and Time2013
Keating, KarenG. GadburyStatistical Analysis of Pyrosequence Data2012
Magalla, ChampaJ. NeillModel Adequacy Tests for Exponential Family Regression Models2012
Xie, LinP. NelsonStatistical Inference For Rankings in the Presence of Panel Segmentation2012
Paranagama, DilanG. GadburyCorrelation and Variance Stabilization in the Two Group Comparison Case in High Dimensional Data Under Dependencies2011
Samarakoon, NishanthaW. SongConditional Variance Function Checking in Heteroscedastic Regression Models2011
Dey, RajarshiP. NelsonInference For the K-Sample Problem Based on Precedence Probabilities2011
Poulson, RobertG. GadburyTreatment Heterogeneity and Individual Qualitative Interaction2011
Shrestha, TejW. SongAlgevraic Deformation of a Momoidal Category2010
Tolos, SitiH. WangNonParametric Tests to Detect Relationship between Variables in the Presence of Heteroscedastic Treatment Effects2010
Anderson, MichaelS. DubnickaBayesian Classification of DNA Barcodes2009
Jung, YoonsungD. JohnsonTests for Unequal Treatment Variances In Crossover Design2009
Ling, YanP. NelsonInference for the Intrinsic Separation Among Distributions Which May Differ in Location and Scale2009
Munasinghe, WijithJ. NeillCluster Based Lack of Fit Tests for NonLinear Regression Models2009
Ndum, EdwinG. GadburyIndividual Treatment Effect Heterogeneity In Multiple Time Points Trials2009
Tang, ZhongwenS. YangLof of Logistic Gee Models and Cost Efficient Bayesian Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Combinations of Parameters in Nonlinear Regression Models2008
Von Borries, George FreitasH. WangPartition Clustering of High Dimensional Low Sample Size Data Based on P-Values2008
Zhang , Ke (Kurt)H. WangInference of Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testing on High Dimensional Longitudinal Data at its Application in DN Copy Number Variation and Microarray Data Analysis2008
Liu, YingS. YangOn Goodness-Of-Fit Of Logistic Regression Model2007
Bsharat, Rebhi S.J. HigginsEvaluation of nCk Estimators2007
Fang, LiangD. JohnsonAn Intra-Class Correlation Model For Under-Replicated Split-Split-Plot Experiments2005
Kang, QingP. NelsonNonparametric Tests for a Size-Biased Sample2005
Vahl, ChrisG. MillikenAlgorithms for Constructing D-Optimal Designs for Multilevel Experiments2005
Lee, Eun-JooD. JohnsonStatistical Analysis Software for Multiplicative Interaction Models2004
Perrett, JamisJ. HigginsUsing Information on the Intra-class Correlation Coefficient for Hypothesis Testing in Unreplicated and Under-replicated Experiments.2004
Sy, OumarG. MillikenMultilevel Mediation Analysis: Applications and Estimation2004
Al-Haj Ebrahem, Mohammed HassanJ. HigginsNonparametric Accelerated Degradation Models in Life-Testing2003
McGaughey, Karen J. G. MillikenVariance Testing with Data Depth2003
Shanga, GilbertD. JohnsonAnalysis of Crossover Designs When Treatments Have Unequal Variances2003
Su, ZhaohuiS. YangInference on Some Linear Mixed-Effect Models and Testing Lack-of-Fit for Experiments Without Replication2003
Taylor, VeronicaG. MillikenThe Use of Three Partial Areas for Establishing Bioequivalence and Estimation of Sample Size for Equivalence Studies2003
Malone, ChrisT. LoughinThe Analysis of Location and Dispersion Effects in Unreplicated 2k Factorial Experiments2002
Zhang, YingP. NelsonParameter Estimation in Continuous and Discrete Time Queues Using Queue Length and Waiting Time Data2001
Bilder, ChrisT. LoughinTesting for Marginal Independence with Pick Any/c Variables2000
Perera, SubashanP. NelsonAutoregressive Time Series Models with Exponential Marginal Distributions2000
Brown, Duane DavidJ. NeillMultiresponse Lack-of-fit Tests for Non-replicated Data1999
Chen, Yih-FenS. YangSignificance Tests for Unreplicated Experiments1999
McCarter, KevinP. NelsonEstimation and Prediction for the Birnbaum-saunders Distribution Using Type-ii Censored Samples, with a Comparison to the Inverse Gaussian Distribution1999
Wang, YuhuaD. JohnsonThe Analysis of Count Data in a One-way Layout and a New Bivariate Negative Binomial Distribution1999
Yu, QifengS. YangFitting Linear Mixed Effects Model with Heterogeneous Correlated Data via Ecm Algorithm1999
Alhadeed, Abdulla AhmedS. YangModels for Step-stress Accelerated Life Testing1998
Ballou, LyndaD. JohnsonPrediction Intervals and Lack-of-fit Tests for Neural Networks1998
Moore, Terri LynneG. MillikenLack-of-fit Tests and Goodness-of-fit Measures for Mixed Models1998
Strand, Matthew JosephJ. HigginsExtensions in Inference for Lattice-ordered Means: Isotonic Regression and Hypothesis Tests1998
Butine, Michael DavidG. MillikenA Comparison of Methods for Analyzing Binomial Data in a Mixed Models Setting1997
Chartier, Kevin K.G. Milliken & J. BoyerRobust Analysis of Scale1997
Chen, ShaohsinS. Keller-McNultyAdaptive Local Smoothing Methods for Turbulent Reactive Flow Models1997
Gibson, Eric William BarnesJ. HigginsGoodness of Fit Tests for Composite Hypotheses with Left or Right Censored Data1997
Lancaster, VickiS. Keller-McNultyThe Use of Inverse Theory on Ill-posed Composite Sampling Problems1997
Xiong, ChengjieG. MillikenWavelet Nonparametric Regression and Chaotic Time Series1997
Al-Zaid, MuntherS. YangIterative Two-stage Procedures for Fitting Mixed Effects Models1996
Bond, MarjorieJ. HigginsUsing Prior Knowledge of the Intraclass Correlation to Increase the Power of Hypothesis Tests for Treatment Means1996
Curriero, Frank C.P. NelsonThe Use of Non-euclidean Distances in Geostatistics1996
Khamis, ImadJ. HigginsA New Model for Step Stress Testing1996
Sherfey, Brian W.J. NeillNear Replicate Clustering Criteria for Nonreplicated Regression Lack of Fit Tests1996
Al-Shiha, AbdullahS. YangInference for Unreplicated Two-level Factorials and Two-way Classification Experiments1995
Fergen, Brian JamesG. MillikenOn the Mixed Model Estimator1995
Mustofa,S. PerngTesting Hypotheses in a Split Plot Design When Some Observations Are Missing1995
Njuho, PeterG. MillikenUsing Mixed Models to Analyze Data from On-farm Trials1995
Wickremasinghe, NimalD. JohnsonTesting Subhypotheses in the Nonreplicated Three-way Multiplicative Interaction Model1995
Bain, Patrick TimothyJ. HigginsTests of Hypotheses and Measures of Concordance for Lattice Ordered Means1994
Chen, GuangS. Keller-McNultyEstimation of Identification Disclosure Risk in Microdata1994
Fernando, IndrasiriG. MillikenCombined Estimability1994
Goad, Carla LynnD. JohnsonMultivariate and Mixed Models Analyses of Crossover Designs with More than Two Periods1994
Choi, JaesungG. MillikenA Generalized Mixed-effects Model for Categorical Data1993
Dong, JianG. MillikenSimultaneous Optimization of Multiple-response Linear Models by Using the Stationary Point Procedure1993
Chang, Kuo-HsingJ. HigginsA Power Study for One-sided Multivariate Tests1992
Remmenga, Marta DeeD. JohnsonOn Inference Procedures in Unbalanced Split-plot Designs1992
Gan, GaoxiongJ. Neill & G. MillikenA Generalized Moment Generating Function with Application to Extreme Value Distribution Theory1991
Jayawardene, Uditha SumedhaS. YangSome Nonparametric Test Procedures for Comparing Two Distribution Functions1991
Mannan, Muhammad AbdulR. NassarTest Statistics for Contingency Tables1991
Tashtoush, Suleiman MohammedJ. HigginsThe Small Sample Power of Aligned Rank Transform Tests in Factorial Experimental Designs1991
Harris, Theodore RobertD. JohnsonPrediction of Plant Canopy Temperature Through Remote Sensing in the Presence of Spatial Trend and Spatial Correlation1990
Hwang, Ching-ChangS. PerngHypothesis Testing in Linear Models Having a Nested Error Structure1990
Neogi, DebashisR. NassarStochastic, Fractal and Chaotic Modeling of Multiphase Flow Systems1990
Ogunyemi, Theophilus OlabodeP. NelsonSimplified, Two-stage Estimators and a Bayes Type Modification of Maximum Quasi-likelihood Estimators1990
Tafour, Aly AwadR. NassarMaximum Likelihood Estimators of Regression Parameters with Randomly Censored Lifetime Data1990
Chiou, Yow YeuS. PerngStatistical Procedures for Sampling Inspection Problem1988
Weerakkody, Govinda JayanathD. JohnsonMultiple Regression Models Having a Nested Error Structure1988
Chou, Song-Tien R. NassarStochastic Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Deep-bed and Semifluidized-bed Filtration1987
Clason, Dennis LeonG. MillikenUsing Moving Averages to Detrend Linear Models1987
Siepman, Howard R.S. YangEstimation for the Multiple Response Model Complete and Incomplete Data Arrays1987
Wasserstein, Ronald L.J. BoyerRobust Permutation Tests for Scale Parameters1987
Ageli, Ali HuseinG. MillikenResiduals and Residual Diagnostics in Non-linear Regression Models1986
Elamaari, Ali A.S. YangTwo Sample Nonparametric Procedures for Censored and Uncensored Data1986
Fermin, Jose SimonG. MillikenNoninteractive Mathematical Models for Quantal Responses to Mixtures of Compounds1986
Bugaighis, Mohamed M.J. HigginsSmall Sample Properties of Estimates of Weibull Regression Parameters1985
Juico (Samaranayake), Yolanda T.D. JohnsonMethods of Estimating the Parameters of the Gamma-poisson Marginal Distribution1985
Johnston, Denise Ann FarhaS. PerngLikelihood Ratio and Optimal Rank Test Procedures for Populations with Linearly Related Parameters1984
Ordonez, Jr., Alfred Abelard Applications of Sequential Methods in Observational Studies1984
Palacio, June R. Managerial Work in Hospital Dietetic Services: the Effect of Organizational Level and Practice Area1984
Albohali, Mohamed G. MillikenA Time Series Approach to the Analysis of Repeated Measures Designs1983
Larson, Linda L. The Effects of Age and Sex on the Perceptions of Student Services by Students in a Community College1983
Samaranayake, Vanniarachchige AmarasiriD. JohnsonAsymptotic Properties of Sample Autocorrelations, Least Squares Estimators and Predictors of Non-stationary Multivariate Time Series1983
Ash, Katherine Use of Interblock Information in Analysis of Covariance, and Some Repeated Measures Covariance Models1982
Levy, Martin StuartS. PerngOn Prediction Functions1982
Neill, James WilliamD. JohnsonTesting Regression Function Adequacy Without Replication1982
Schwenke, JamesG. MillikenUsing a Hold-out Data Set in a Cross-validation Scheme to Test for Instability of Regression Estimates1982
Khojasteh-Marzlarani, Morteza  1981
McGuire, Stephen A.R. RubisonDiscrimination Using Multivariate Bernoulli Random Variables with Applications in Physical Anthropology1981
Marasinghe, Mervyn G.D. JohnsonTesting Subhypotheses in the Multiplicative Interaction Model1980
Mira, Seham IsmailD. JohnsonInteraction in Two-way Covariance Models with One Observation per Cell1980
Gironella, Ann Inez Nolasco On Some Robust Procedures in the Analysis of Linear Models1978
Hamito, Desta R. MassarLinkage Disequilibrium: Distributions and Hypotheses Testing1978
Applebaugh, Gwendolyn NeulA. DaytonStatistical Application to Flavor Profile Analysis and an Iterative Procedure for Analyzing a Two-way Classification1977
Applebaugh, William Methods of Estimating Parameters of the Distribution of the Diameters of Circles on a Plane Using Random Chord Lengths1977
Culp, David B.K. KempEstimation of Genetic Parameters1977
Gill, Dhanwant SinghM. SiotaniThe Doubly Noncentral Distribution of Wilks’ a Statistic and its Application to Multivariate Analysis of Variance1977
Johnson, Paulette MaeG. MillikenA Two-step Procedure for Analyzing Fixed and Random Effects Nonlinear Models and Nonlinear Errors-in-variable Models1977
Loschcke, ChristianM. SiotaniOn the Distribution of a Coefficient of Multiple Association1977
Sebaugh, Jeanne L.G. MillikenThe Threshold Point Model1977
Hussein, Mohammed TaibG. MillikenAnalysis of Unbalanced Models Involving Random Effects with Unequal Variances1976
McGee, Robert IrvinM. SiotaniComparison of the W* and the Z* Procedures in Covariate Discriminant Analysis1976
Bell, Graydon WillisR. WallerParameter Estimation in Functional Relationships1974
Bird, Howard AlanG. MillikenEstimable Functions in the Nonlinear Model1974
Khorasani, Fariborz G. MillikenSimultaneous Confidence Bands for Non-linear Regression Models1974
Meier, Robert Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Selection in a Stationary Distribution of Gene Frequencies1974
Rock, Glenn WilliamR. WallerMaximum Likelihood Estimator for Time Dependent Availability1974
Wang, Miin-NanS. PerngFixed-width Interval Estimation after Preliminary Test1974
Yamashita, Donald Kenji Hypothesis Testing in Nonlinear Models Using Linear Analysis1974
Asrabadi, Badiollah RostamiR. WallerDevelopment of a Bivariate Double Exponential Model and Discrimination among Bivariate Probability Models1973
Bowser, Robert DwightS. PerngOn the Equality of Means of Two Normal Distributions with Equal Coefficients of Variation1973
Campbell, Robert AllenG. MillikenAnalysis of a Class of Nonlinear Mixed Models1973
Chase, Ronald GeneR. WallerInference Techniques for Truncated Binomial Distributions of the Lower Type1973
Heltshe, James F.R. WallerA Modified Birth-death Model for Population Growth and Regulation1973
Higa, IsamuA. FeyerhermWaiting Times for the (S-1,s) Inventory Model1973
Hobbs, Jr., Gerald R.W. ConoverSome Results on the Theory of Rank Tests for Two or More Samples from Categorical Populations1973
Iman, Ronald L.W. ConoverOn the Distribution Functions of Rank Statistics under the Null and Alternative Hypotheses for the One- and Two-sample Problems, and the Two-way Classification Model with Interaction1973
Rodriguez, Luis Hernan C.L. McDonaldMoment Generating Function and Moments of a Wishart Matrix with Related Problems in Manova1973
Bement, Thomas RobertG. MillikenEstimation in an Incomplete Block Design When Block Effects Are Random and Correlated1972
Chou, Charissa Jar-Rong KaM. SiotaniAn Asymptotic Expansion of the Non-null Distribution of the Ratio of Two Hotelling’s Generalized FUNC {T _o ^2 } - Statistics1972
Coyne, Lolafaye A. FeyerhermA Relationship Between Hierarchical Factor Structure and Patterned Matrices of the Compound Symmetric Type1972
Duncan, Janet LeeR. WallerThe Poisson Process Applied to the Study of Leukemia in Time and Space1972
Geng, ShuM. SiotaniDistributions with a Finite Number of Maximum Latent Roots of Manova Matrices1972
Groves, John EdwardS. PerngOn Partitioning a Set of Populations with Respect to a Control1972
Machado, Arlette LourdesA. FeyerhermSome Probability Distributions for Customer Mailing Times1972
Machado, Leopoldo AlbertoG. MillikenNon-linear Treatment by Treatment Interaction Models1972
Scott, LarryR. NassarThe Effect of Variable Migration and Variable Selection Intensity on the Decrease of Genetic Correlation with Distance1972
Debruin, Robert LeeG. MillikenTesting Hypotheses for Nonlinear Models1971
Eklund, Darrel LeeR. WallerOn Cluster Sampling1971
Ison, Marietta M.G. MillikenExtensions of the Linear Model for Categorical Data1971
Bandes, StephanW. ConoverAverage Error Probabilities in Composite Hypothesis Testing Situations1970
Ison, Norberto T.A. FeyerhermA Distribution Function for Amount of Precipitation During a Wet Spell1970
Keith, Lonnie WilliamsW. ConoverNearly Distribution-free Tests for Equal Variances in Two Populations When the Means Are Unknown1970
Knowles, Walter EatonA FeyerhermOptimal Equally-spaced Designs for Polynomial Models1970
Cook, Dennis Leon  1970
Beckman, Richard JosephU. BanujicRandomized Spring Balance Weighing Designs1969
Carr, Raymond N.R. NassarEffects of Selection and Random Sampling on the Probability of and the Expected Time to Fixation of a Favorable Allele1969
Chiang, Chi-YungS. ZacksBayes Sequential Control Procedures Against a Possible Shift in the Mean of a Normal Distribution at Unknown Time Points1969
Grosh, Doris LloydS. ZacksBayes One- and Two-stage Stratified Sampling Schemes for Finite Populations with Beta-binomial Prior Distributions1969
Krueger, David DonaldA. FeyerhermDistribution of Due-out Times for Recoverable Items1969
Lohrding, Ronald KeithW. ConoverLikelihood Ratio Tests of Equal Means When the Variances Are Heterogeneous1969
Stephenson, Hal WarrenA. FeyerhermThe Role of Covariance in the Analysis of Autocorrelation Stationary Stochastic Processes1969
Worthley, Reginald GeraldU. BanujicOn the Use of Finite Algebras in the Construction of Confounding Plans for Mixed Factorial Experiments1969
Johnston, James WilliamW. ConoverA Distribution-free Test of Interaction for Rxc Factorial Experiments with One Observation per Cell1968
Lee, Sung-WookS. ZacksNonparametric Procedure for Testing a Possible Change in Continuous Distribution Laws at an Unknown Time Point1968
Lentner, Marvin MeinradS. ZacksApplication of Generalized Inverses for the Optimal Design and Analysis of Randomized Fractional Replicates1967