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Department of Statistics

Master's Graduates

Master’s reports from 2008 to the present are available in their entirety through the K-State Research Exchange Forum (K-Rex).


Master’s Report Title 

Delzeit, JenniferW. HsuUnivariate gradient statistic for a marginal cure rate model with high-dimensional covariates2019
Gaumer, JasonK. KeatingAnalysis of patient satisfaction survey data2019
Lu, HongyuanM. HigginsFinding common support through largest connected components and its implementation2019
Struck, JessicaM. HigginsAn analysis of vehicular emissions at Kansas State University2019
Xu, XuanC. VahlA comparison of restricted maximum likelihood and method of moments variance estimation for small-sample split-plot experiments2019
Lin, JinguangM. HigginsFrom One Environment to Many: The Problem of Reproducibility of Experimental Results2018
Walker, NelsonT. HefleyBias correction of bounded location errors in binary data2018
Zhang, ZhihanM. HigginsSelected Results from Clustering and Analyzing Stock Market Trade Data2018
Zhu, JialiW. HsuA Biometrical Inheritance Model for Heritability under the Presence of Environmental Exposures: Application to Michigan Fisheater Data2018
Zhuang, ZhiheP. ReyesModeling and Projection of Respondent Driven Network Samples2018
Ahlers, ZacharyC.VahlEstimating the necessary sample size for a binomial proportion confidence interval with low success probabilities2017
Alzubaidi, SamirahP. ReyesA case study on cumulative logit models with low frequency and mixed models2017
Liang, XiaoC. VahlA case study in non-inferiority margin selection in a two-arm trial2017
Yu, WangC. VahlA Study on the Type I Error Rates and Power for Generalized Linear Mixed Model Containing One Randon Effect2017
Zhao, SongnianC. VahlThe Impact of Sample Size Re-Estimation on the Type I Error Rate in the Analysis of a Continuous End-Point2017
Cao, ChendiW. SongLinear Regression With Laplace Measurement Error2016
Cong, DanniC. VahlThe Effect of Sample Size Re-estimation on Type I Error Rates When Comparing  Two Binomial Proportions2016
Gu, JienaW. HsuMonitoring the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease with Latent Transition Models2016
McLellan, AlexanderP.ReyesOn Sampling Procedures for Detection of Heterodera Glycines, the Soybean Cyst Nematode, and Other Soil Dwelling Organisms2016
Zhang, XiaojingJ. NeillA Simulation Study of Confidence Intervals for the Transition Matrix of a Reversible Markov Chain2016
Bloedow, NicholasC. VahlA Statistical Investigation into Noninferiority Testing for Two Binomial Proportions2015
Button, ZachariahS. DubnickaThe Application and Interpretation of the Two-parameter Item Response Model in the Context of Replicated Preference Testing2015
Raithel, SethN. BelloInferential Considerations for Low-count RNA-seq Transcripts:  A Case Study on an Edaphic Subspecies of Dominant Prairie Grass Andropogon Gerardii2015
Whitley, MichaelC. VahlUsing Statistical Learning to Predict Survival of Passengers on the RMS Titanic2015
Zhou, ShuP. ReyesExploring Network Models Under Sampling2015
Davis, SijiaA. JagerUsing Markov Chair to Describe the Progression of Chronic Disease2014
Gao, SiyuW. HsuThe Impact of Misspecification of Nuisance Parameters on Test for Homogeneity in Zero-inflated Poisson Model:  A Simulation Study2014
Jiao, YuanfangP. NelsonA Simulation Comparison of two Methods for Controlling the Experiment-wise Type 1 Error Rate of Correlated tests for Contrasts in One-way Completely Randomized Designs2014
Li, MengW. YaoRobust Estimation of the Number of Components for Mixtures of Linear Regression Models2014
Nian, GaoweiW. HsuA Score Test of Homogeneity in Generalized Additive Models for Zero-inflated Count Data2014
Qiu, ChenC. VahlA Study of Covariance Structure Selection for Split-plot Designs Analyzed Using Mixed Models2014
Wang, YangP. ReyesModeling a Frost Index in Kansas, USA2014
Yan, DonglinC. VahlEstimation of an Upper Tolerance Limit for Small-Samples Containing Observations Below the Limit of Quantitation2014
Yang, LiW. YaoRobust Fitting of Mixture of Factor Analyzers Using the Trimmed Likelihood Estimator2014
Zbylut, JoannaL. MurrayModeling Proportions to Assess the Soil Nematode Community Structure in a Two Year Alfalfa Crop. 2014
Assefa, YaredJ. DuTime Series and Spatial Analysis of Crop Yield2013
Chen, ChunxiaW. SongSemi-Parametric Estimation in Tobit Regression Models2013
Jiang, DayouH. WangAn Exploration of BMSF Algorithm in Genome-Wide Association Mapping2013
Khatavkar, RohanK. ChenSparse and Orthogonal Singular Value Decomposition2013
Liu, YantongW. SongRobust Mixture Linear EIV Regression Models by T-Distribution2013
Seetharaman, InduK. ChenConsistent Bi-Level Variable Selection Via Composite Group Bridge Penalized Regression2013
Shannon, CarlieL. MurrayACase Study in Applying Generalized Linear Mixed Models to Proportion Data From Poultry Feeding Experiments2013
Sun, XinG. GadburyStatistical Methods for Diagnostic Testing:  An Illustration Using a New Method for Cancer Detection2013
Teka, KubromJ. NeillParameter Estimation of the Black-Scholes-Merton Model2013
Xing, YanruW. SongRobust Mixture Regression Model Fitting By LaPlace Distribution2013
Zhang, JingyiW. SongRobust Mixture Regression Modeling With Pearson Type VII Distribution2013
Bai, XueW. YaoRobust Linear Regression2012
Cao, Yueping (Jennifer)P.NelsonThe Performance and Robustness of Confidence Intervals for the Median of a Symmetric Distribution Constucted Assuming Sampling from a Cauchy Distribution2012
Fei, MingweiP. NelsonA Study of the Robustness of Cox's Proportional Hazards Model Used in Testing for Covariate Effects2012
Hembree, DavidP. NelsonThe Robustness of Normal Theory Confidence Intervals for Effect Size2012
Highland, GarthL. MurrayUsing functional boxplots to visualize reflectance data and distinguish between areas of native grasses and invasive Old World Bluestems in a Kansas tall grass prairie2012
Juarez, ChristopherA. JagerAn Investigation of Umpire Performance Using PitchF/X Data via Longitudinal Analysis2012
Leiker, AntoinetteW. SongA Comparison Study on the Estimation in Tobit Regression Models2012
Li, XinP. NelsonA Simulation Evaluation of Backward Elimination and Stepwise Variable Selection in Regression Analysis2012
Liu, ShanW. SongModel Checking in Tobit Regression Model via Nonparametric Smoothing2012
Makarova, NatalyaP. NelsonA Simulation Study of the Robustness of Prediction Intervals for an Independent Observation Obtained from a Random Sample from an Assumed Location-Scale Family of Distributions2012
Vetter, JoelL. MurrayDetermining the Effectiveness of Including Spatial Data into the Nematode/Nutsedge Pest Complex Model2012
Wang, XiaofeiG. GadburyRandomization Test and Correlation Effects in High Dimensional Data2012
Wei, YanW. YaoRobust Mixture Regression Models Using T-Distribution2012
Xiang, SijiaW. YaoMinimum Hellinger Distance Estimation in a Semiparametric Mixture Model2012
Chen, ShuW. SongSome Limit behaviors for the LS estimators in mixed errors-in-variables regression model.2011
Zhang, YiW. SongEmpirical L2 distance lack-of-fit tests for Tobit regression models.2011
McCants, MichaelJ. HigginsEfficacy of Robust Regression Applied to Fractional Factorial Treatment Structures2011
Mann, EricH. WangA Comparison of Stochastic Claim Reserving Methods2011
Maurer, DustinH. WangComparison of Background Correction in Tiling Arrays and a Spatial Model2011
Peng, LiangH. WangNeighborhood-Oriented Feature Selection & Classification of Duke's Stages on Colorectal Cancer Using High Density Genomic Data2011
Crumer, AngelaJ. HigginsComparison between the Weibull and Cox Proportional Hazards Models2011
Larrabee, BethN. BelloOrdinary Least Squares Regression Of Ordered Categorical Data: Inferential Implications For Practice2011
Hua, JianjunP.NelsonConfidence Intervals for Population Size Based on a Capture-Recapture Design2011
Devamitta-Perera, MudithaP. NelsonRobustness Of Normal Theory Inference When Random Effects Are Not Normally Distributed2011
Ghimire, SantoshH. WangClassification of Image Pixels Based on Minimum Distance and Hypothesis Testing2011
Ogunyinka, EbenezerJ. BoyerClustering Louisiana Commercial Fishery Participants for the Allocation of Government Disaster Payment: The Case of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita2011
Yates, HeathJ. HigginsA Comparison of Type I Error and Power of the Aligned Rank Method Using Means and Medians for Alignment2011
Bai, XiuqinW. YaoRobust Mixtures of Regression Models2010
Banasik, AleksandraD. JohnsonConfidence Intervals on Several Functions of the Components of Variance in a One-Way Random Effects Experiment2010
Kreider, ScottL. MurrayA Case Study in Handling Over-Dispersion in Nematode Count Data2010
Serasinghe, KumaryP. NelsonA Simulation Comparison of Parametric and Nonparametric Estimators of Quantiles from Right Censored Data2010
Shrestha, Tej B.W. SongComparison Study on Some Classical Lack-Of-Fit Tests in Regression Model2010
Zhou, TianhongW. SongNumerical Comparisons of Bioassay Methods in Estimating LC502010
Jun, HyoungjinBoyerA Simple Univariate Outlier Identification Procedure On Ratio Data Collected by the Department of Revenue for the State of Kansas2010
Paranagama, ThilankaNelsonA Simulation Study of the Robustness of the Least Median of Squares Estimator of Slope in a Regression Through the Origin Model2010
Song, TingtingGadburyData Analysis for Quantitative Determinations of Polar Lipid Molecular Species2010
Fan, LixiaGadburyAn Exploratory Method For Identifying Reactant-Product Lipid Pairs from Lipidomic Profiles of Wilt-Type and Mutant Leaves of Arabidopsis Thaliana2010
Gayle, SuelenNelsonA Simulation Study of the Size and Power of Cochran's Q VERSUS the standard chi-square test for Testing the Equality of Correlated Proportions2010
Richards, JohnDubnickaDiagnostic Function to Examine Candidate Distributions to Model Univariate Data2010
Chernoff, WilliamMurrayOn Determining the Power of a Test After Data Collection2009
Dong, LeiWangNonparametric Tests for Longitudinal Data2009
Joehanes, RobyGadburyMultiple-Trait Multiple-Interval Mapping of Quantitative-Trait LOCI2009
Silwal, ShiradWangBayesian Inference and Wavelet Methods In Image Processing2009
Wu, YunP. NelsonA Simulation Study of the Robustness of Hotelling's T2 Test for the Mean of a Multivariate Distribution When Sampling from a Multivariate Skew-Normal Distribution2009
Boykova, AllaD. JohnsonAn Introduction to Meta Analysis2008
Dick, Nicole M.S. DubnickaMethods of handling missing data due to a limit of detection in longitudnal lognormal data2008
Hort, MollyJ. BoyerA Comparison of Hypothesis testing procedures for two population proportions2008
Sun, GuannanS. YangR^2 Statistics with Application to Association Mapping2008
Yang, CelesteP. NelsonA Study of the Calibration-Inverse Prediction Problem in a Mixed Model Setting2008
Yankovskyy, YevhenP. NelsonApplication of a Gibbs Sampler to Estimating Parameters of a Hierarchical Normal Model with a Time Trend and Testing for Existence of the Global Warming2008
Zhang, JieS.YangCointegration: A Review2008
Shrestha, SmritiP. NelsonA Study of the Consequences of Ignoring Measurement Error on Inference for the Slope of a Linear Regression Model2007
Sun, S. (Jarvis)J. NeillA Simulation Comparison of Cluster Based Lack of Fit Tests2007
Verbych, ElenaD. JohnsonA Comparison of Methods to Analyze Likert Scale Data2007
Weng, NanyanS. YangAnalyzing Spatial Variations in Heart Disease Mortality:  A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach2007
Anderson, MichaelS. YangA Modified Mood's Rank Test for Comparring Two Crossing Distributions2006
Dick, Shannon L.J. HigginsFinding a Better Scoring System for Fantasy Football Under Basic Constraints2006
Habigar, JoshS. YangMultiple Testing2006
Hartung, Alan W.J. HigginsA Power Comparison of Matched-Paired Methods with Random Censored Data2006
McCubrey, Raymond O.T. LoughinDesign and Analysis of Long Term Experiments Under Different Covariance Error Structures2006
Wang, YunxunP. NelsonSimulation Study of Tests for Cmmon Correlation Coefficient of Bivariate Normal Distributions2006
Wilson, Samuel DavidJ. NeillImplementation for a Lack of Fit Test for Nonreplicated Nonlinear Regression Models2006
Bi, LieqiP. NelsonA Class of Robust Tests for the Center of a Symmetric Distribution2005
Chen, JunWangAn Introduction to Micro-Array Data Analysis2005
Cheng, Lili Two Group Bootstrap Testing Under Finite Populations Where Units are Selected Using Probablity Proportional to Size Sampling2005
Hunter, JenniferD. JohnsonStructural Equation Modeling with Sas-Calis2005
Ling, YanP. NelsonEstimating a Mean Using the Closest Two Out of Three Measurements2005
Ridpath, LanceJ. Boyer95% Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Log-Odds Ratios2005
Roths, ScottJ. TebbsEmpirical-Bayes Confidence Intervals for the Difference Between Binomial Proportions2005
Rouen, ShawnJ. HigginsAnalyzing Customer Information through Data Mining Techniques2005
Sangras, SandeepaJ. PontiusEvaluation of t-Confidence Intervals Using Simple and Satterthoaite degrees of freedom in Stratified Random Sampling2005
Senne, LaneJ. HigginsA Comparison of Powers when Applying Raw Methods vs. Ranked Methods of Analysis in Microarray Dats2005
Shang, JinD. JohnsonSelecting a Covariance Structure for Repeated Measures Experiments2005
Waris, SadafJ. BoyerParametric and Nonparametric Multiple Comparison in One-way Layout2005
Boberg, WendyJ. HigginsEffect of Nonpositive Estimates of Variance Components on the Type I Error Rates for Fixed Effects in Selected Mixed Models2004
Liu, WeiweiT. LoughinLinear Rank Tests for the Equality of Scale Measures with Location Difference Adjusted by Hodges Lehmann Estimate2004
Perez, TimJ. PontiusComparing Confidence Interval Methods Based on the Horvitz-Thompson Estimator Under Adaptive Cluster Sampling2004
Vezzu, SaileshJ. HigginsNonparametric Rank-Based Multiple Comparisons2004
Zong, ZhanyingS.S. YangA Rank Test for Comparing Crossing Distributions2004
Bargen, JasonT. LoughinVariance Component Estimates for Pitchers and Catchers in Major League Baseball using a Generalized Linear Mixed Model2003
Cao, YiD. JohnsonSimulation Studies on the Robustness of a Recommended Approach for Pooling Efficacy Estimates Across Study Sites2003
Feng, XiujuanP. NelsonComparing Three Methods of Testing for Independence2003
Grossardt, BrandonT. LoughinA Study of Type I Error Rates in the Analysis of Count Data in a Split-Plot Design2003
Poehlman, MollieT. LoughinDesign and Analysis of Long-Term Field Trials with Annual Measurements2003
Schuster, DanelleJ. PontiusA Measure of Agreement for Determining Ages of Fish and Wild Mammals2003
Smith, ChristinaD. JohnsonComparing the Analyses of Unbalanced Split-Plot Experiments Using Mixed Models with REML Estimates of the Variance Components to Other Inference Procedures Previously Recommended2003
Sun, XinP. NelsonEffects of Nonnormality on Confidence Intervals for the Intra Class Correlation Coefficient in One Way Random Effect Models2003
Xie, YaliP. NelsonConfidence Interval for a Small Binomial Proportion2003
Yang, XuemeiS.S. YangStatistical Analysis on ACT Assessment2003
Zhu, LianshengS.S. YangGeneral Linear Mixed Models2003
Kang, QingP. NelsonExpected Significance Levels and P-Values2002
Taylor, LucasG. MillikenData Analysis for Sensory Panel Meat Tenderness Prediction Using Warner Bratzler Shear Force and Sensory Panel and Warner Bratzler Shear Force Heritability Estimation2002
Xie, RongrongP. NelsonTesting for Separation among Normal Distributions Whose Means Are a Linear Function of a Predictor Variable2002
Zhou, XiaP. NelsonA Comparison of Asympotically Normal Test Statistics Based on Estimated and Hypothesized Variance Functions2002
Chai, JuanP. NelsonA Simulation Comparison of Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation for a Linear Regression Model When the Response Is Subject to Right Censorship2001
House, JohnT. LoughinA Multiple Testing Procedure Based on P-value Combination2001
Kaldate, RajeshT. LoughinA Weighted Measure of Agreement for Non-square Ordinal X Ordinal Continency Tables2001
Kirk, JenniferJ. PontiusComparison of Internet and Mail Surveys as Related to Kansas State University Undergraduate Alcohol and Drug Usage2001
Li, YanH. El BarmiExam Option.2001
Loyer, Sarah E.J. BoyerA Comparison of Traditional and Studio Classroom Environments in Introductory Statistics Courses2001
Wang, HuiS. YangA Lack-of-fit Test for Linear Models2001
Cepparo, Gus??2000
Cotsworth, HeatherJ. BoyerA Discussion of Problems in Analyzing 23 Factorial Designs Without Replication2000
Elion-Mboussa, AlbertJ. PontiusNonparametric Estimation of Habitat Use by Mule Deer Using Transition Probabilities2000
McCollum, Raymond AnthonyT. LoughinCalibration of Software and Expert Grading Systems for the Evaluation of Bread2000
Miller, CurtisS. YangPassed Qualifying Exam, Non-thesis Option.2000
Xiao, BohongP. NelsonThe Linear Calibration Problem2000
Zhang, YingP. NelsonExam Option.2000
Carter, Shana LeighH. El BarmiComparing the Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test and the Likelihood Ratio Test1999
McGaughey, Karen Passed Qualifying Exam, Non-thesis Option.1999
Coffee, Susan BlosserJ. HigginsThe Data Quality Assessment Process in Environmental Studies1998
Edwardy, Jeffrey MichaelJ. PontiusImproving the Accuracy of Reshelving in Libraries Through the Use of Sampling and Control Charts1998
Cai, YapingP. NelsonA Simulation Study of Tests of Randomness with Application to Meteorology1997
Eickholt, Jeffrey T.G. MillikenA Study of the Taguchi Method of Examining and Minimizing Variation1997
Malone, Christopher JohnT. LoughinComparison of Confidence Intervals for Inverse Prediction in Nonlinear Dose-response Models1997
McKarnin, Karen Elaine (Wilson)D. Rumsey-JohnsonAssessment of General Education: Development and Validation1997
Wilson, MaryK. KempStudent Origins, Enrollment Patterns, Times to Degree Completion, Curriculum Preferences, and Academic Performance of Several Ethnic Groups at Kansas State University During the Period 1984 to 19941997
Woreck, Cynthia LeeJ. Boyer & J. HigginsA Comparison of Parametric and Nonparametric Procedures for Testing Equality of Scale Parameters in a Two Sample Case1997
Xiang, Hua (Helen)P. NelsonA Simulation Study of the Robustness of the One Sample T-test with Respect to Heterogeneity of Scale1997
Bilder, Christopher R.T. LoughinIt's Good! An Analysis of the Probability of Success for Placekicks Using Logistic Regression1996
Perera, SubashanP. NelsonEstimating the Correlation Coefficient in the Presence of Homogeneous Censoring1996
Pole, Andrew MichaelJ. BoyerA Comparison of Parametric and Nonparametric Procedures for Testing Heterogeneity of Variances in a Two Factor Completely Randomized Design1996
Schaust, BrandonJ. BoyerDependent Trial Models for the Nba Playoffs1996
Sly, StephenJ. PontiusValidity of 95% T-confidence Intervals under Some Transect Sampling Strategies1996
Al-Gabir, KhalidK. KempA Simulation Study to Compare Alternative Methods of Isolating a Maverick Judge1995
Cao, GuoxiangP. NelsonEstimating Functions on Chaotic Dynamical Systems1995
Fijal, BonnieD. JohnsonAn Analysis of Judges's Bias in the 1994 Winter Olympic Skating Events Using the Multiplicative Interaction Model1995
Grunewald, Travis JasonJ. HigginsHandling Nonresponse in a Multi-wave Survey Design1995
Hsu, Ling-LingP. NelsonA Simulation Study of Two Hypothesis Testing Problems for Markov Chains1995
Hu, Ling-Ling  1995
Hu, YunqinP. NelsonBootstrap Tests for Equality of Scale Parameters for Nonnormal Distributions1995
Huang, ZaimingJ. BoyerSimulation Comparison of Chacko's Test with Other Methods1995
Leiker, Fabian T.T. LoughinA Linear Model Approach to Testing for General Association in Contingency Tables with Multiple Column Responses1995
Li, ShipingJ. NeillSymmetry and Consistency Properties for near Replicate Lack of Fit Tests1995
Long, Brett WilliamJ. HigginsOptimal Allocations for Estimating Products of Population Means1995
McCracken, AndrewJ. HigginsA Report on Poisson Regression: an Example of the Generalized Linear Model1995
McDonnell, Shannon KathleenJ. BoyerReliability Measures in Rating Situations1995
Mokubung, Masego IzohK. KempStatistical Analysis of Some Factors Affecting Traditional Agricultural Production in Southern Botswana1995
Muckenthaler, Mary ElizabethJ. HigginsSampling from Social Networks1995
Scherer, Peter N.D. JohnsonA Bootstrap Approach to Testing for General Association in Contingency Tables with Multiple Column Responses1995
Shult, Jiang T.P. NelsonA Comparison of Prediction Intervals for an Independent Future Observation1995
Sun, QianJ. NeillSpatial Bootstrap Estimation of the Classical Semivariogram Estimator Variance1995
Ballou, Lynda  1994
Brown, Duane DavidJ. BoyerA Comparison of Tests Used for Testing Ordered Alternatives1994
Chen, Yih-FenS. YangState Space Modeling of Time Series1994
Cheng, Hui-JungP. NelsonStatistics and the Law1994
Gibson, Eric William BarnesJ. HigginsInterval Estimation for Left Censored Data from an Exponential Distribution1994
Howell, Kimberly J.G. MillikenEstimating Degrees of Freedom for Treatment Comparisons Across the Whole Plot in a Split-plot Design1994
Kendall, Jennifer Lou AquinoG. MillikenD-optimal Designs for a Nonlinear Model with Independent Errors and Repeated Measures1994
Letourneau, KentJ. BoyerA Comparison of Relative Efficiency and Asymptotic Relative Efficiency in the One Sample Problem1994
Peng, XiaojunP. NelsonComparing Three Methods of Estimating Pr(x>y)1994
Schreiber, Elizabeth AnnA. FeyerhermConfidence Limits in the Calibration Problem and Fieller's Theorem with an Application1994
Sherfey, Brian W.J. NeillLack of Fit Tests for the Generalized Linear Model1994
St. Pierre, Eric RobertS. Keller-McNultyComparison of Input Selection Techniques for Computer Experiments1994
Woodward, Diane C.J. BoyerPower of the Linear-by-linear Association Model1994
Adnan, ArismanJ. BoyerTesting the Equality of Scale Parameters with a Permutation Test Using Adaptive Statistics1993
Chang, Shuw-fangJ. BoyerRelative Efficiency of the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test to Student's T Test as Compared to the Asymptotic Relative Efficiency Value1993
Chartier, Kevin K.  1993
Fergen, Brian  1993
Hussain, GhulamJ. HigginsNon-homogeneous Poisson Processes in Software Reliability1993
Kiernan, KathleenG. MillikenA Small Sample Test for Sphericity in Repeated Measures Designs1993
Lu, BiaoP. NelsonAnalysis of Repeated Measures with Gibbs Sampler1993
Luo, XianwenJ. BoyerProperties of the Squared-rank Test and the Possibility of its Usage as a Preliminary Test of Equal Variances for the T Test1993
Noren, Ewing E. CroweS. Keller-McNultyThe Protection of Confidential Data Stored in a Sequential Access Statistical Database1993
Parvin-Nejad, Habib  1993
Schleusener, Debra S.G. MillikenA Comparison of Two Methods of Analyzing Repeated Measures Data1993
Wang, JianjunA. FeyerhermShrinkage Regression Applied to Prediction of Kansas Wheat Yields1993
Eisele, WilliamM. McNultyCalculation of Critical Values for a Durbin-watson Statistic in a Repeated Measures Experimental Design1992
Gonzales, Celedon RudolphG. MillikenThe Development and Current Status of Repeated Significance Tests1992
Gruenke, JoelS. Keller-McNultyProgram Length Estimation Based on Stochastic Models1992
Harder, John David  1992
Plachecki, Joann T.J. SalumbeAn Introduction to Path Analysis1992
Rhaesa, Beth A.J. BoyerRandomized Response Models Including an Extension to Continuous Distributions1992
Rolka, DeborahR. Nassar 1992
Wu, Wen-MeiS. PerngTesting the Mean of a Population under Dependence1992
Chen, Yeh-LingS. Keller-McNultyDiscussion of Alternative Statistical Analyses for Software Science1991
Jayawardene, Deepthi A.D. JohnsonOn Computing P-values for Pairwise Comparisons in Split-plot and Repeated Measures Experiments1991
Lumpe, Torrey JeanS. Keller-McNultyA Review and Case Study of Nonresponse Issues in Telephone Surveys1991
Remmenga, Marta D.G. MillikenEstimating the Optimal Dose in a Quantitative Dose-response Experiment1991
Rolka, Henry The Effect of Design and Dose Level Choice on Estimating the Optimal Dose in a Quantitative Dose-response Experiment1991
Tompkins, Diane Lynn DodasovichS. Keller-McNultyA Review and Case Study of Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing1991
Yashima, MutsuoR. NassarStochastic Analysis of Pressure Fluctuations in a Bubble Column1991
Chisholm, Gary B.J. HigginsData Maker Data Generation System1990
Chiu, Yuen-YuenS. YangStochastic Modeling for Metal Ions Sorption and Interaction with Soils1990
Crabb, Jeffrey PaulK. KempA Sas Program to Correct the Analysis of Unbalanced Two-way Split-plot Designs1990
Estes, Regina E.J. BoyerProperties of the Adapting Statistic in the Permutation Test Setting1990
Ghosh, DipankarJ. HigginsCapital Asset Pricing Model: Using Bayes Theorem to Approximate Insufficient Information1990
Goad, Carla LynnD. JohnsonLevene's Test for Homogeneity of Variances Applied to a Randomized Complete Block Design1990
Ngeny, John Mark A.S. YangA Test of Lack of Fit Without Replications1990
Petty, Lisa JaneG. MillikenQuantal Dose-response Models Which Are Nonlinear Functions of Dose1990
Selby, Bryan D.J. BoyerCombining the Information from Small Samples for Testing Association1990
Garudachar, Srinivas B.R. NassarStatistical Techniques for Quality Improvement1989
Johnson, Daniel P.M. McNultyTechniques for Analyzing Repeated Measures Experimental Designs with Autoregressive Subplot Errors1989
Brockschmidt, Joni K.J. BoyerAdaptive Testing in the Two Sample Scale Problem1988
Cairoli, Louis HenryR. NassarChain Binomial Epidemic Models1988
Evans, Joni K. (Brockschmidt) Adaptive Testing in the Two Sample Scale Problem1988
Hwang, Yeong-LingJ. BoyerEstimation of Stage Development Time with Mortality1988
Little, Joyce E.G. MillikenAnalysis of a Williams Square Sequence Structure1988
Ragual, Rhonda Jenine UmaliS. PerngBerkson's Method Vs. Maximum Likelihood in the Logistic Regression Model1988
Sorell, Mark AllanJ. HigginsAn Investigation of the Power of Various Alternatives to the Anova F Statistic When Population Variances Are Unequal1988
Fartaj, Sayed-Amir Using Empirical Hazard Function in Distinguishing Failure Models1987
Gatschet, John StevenJ. HigginsAn Investigation into the Power of Three Tests Used to Compare Survival Distributions1987
Kincaid, Charles DavidR. NassarOn Applying Queueing Theory to a Fixed-cycle Traffic Intersection1987
Neogi, DebashisR. NassarA Stochastic Analysis of Pressure Fluctuation in a Fluidized Bed Reactor1987
Pontius, Jeffrey S.J. BoyerNonparametric Estimation of Stage Transition Time from Stage Frequency Data1987
Rognlie, Brent RobertJ. HigginsParameter Estimation of a Weibull Distribution and Accelerated Life Testing1987
Stewart, W. RichardR. NassarA Stochastic Model Characterizing the Dynamics of Nitrogen Concentration in an Ecosystem1987
Vaughn, RobertR. NassarEstimation and Hypotheses Testing of the Fitness Coefficient1987
Harris, Theodore Robert  1986
Haug, Mark GerardJ. HigginsNonparametric Density Estimation for Univariate and Bivariate Distributions with Applications in Discriminant Analysis for the Bivariate Case1986
Kuzmak, Barbara A Comparison of the Performance of Several Solutions to the Behrens-Fisher Problem1986
Land, Miriam L.A. FeyerhermOn Measuring Differential Yielding Abilities of Wheat Cultivars over Varying Environments1986
Estolano, Marcial PerezJ. HigginsSplit Plot Designs1985
Yang, Hann-Pyi James  1985
Chou, Song-Tien Modeling and Simulation of Deep Bed Filtration: A Stochastic Compartmental Model1984
Hwang, Chern-HwangJ. HigginsA Comparison of the Power of the Wilcoxon Test to That of the T-test under Lehmann's Alternatives1984
Morrill, BruceJ. HigginsThe Effect of Random Dosages on Probit Analysis1984
Sundheim, Nancy KayJ. HigginsSelf-organizing Sequential Search Procedures1984
Wasserstein, Ronald L. A Comparison of Two Estimators of the Variance in the Two-factor Multiplicative Interaction Model1984
Hsu, Jyh-PingJ. HigginsStatistical Inferences for a Pure Birth Process1983
Lee, Ye Jain HwangS. YangA Diagnostic Method for Identifying Multivariate Outlying Observations1983
Walsh, Thomas A Computer Simulation Study for Comparing Three Methods of Estimating Variance Components1983
Giacomini, Jo JaneJ. HigginsThe Effects and Detection of Collinearity in an Analysis of Covariance1982
Quimby, Barbara Bitz Parameter Estimation When Outliers May Be Present in Normal Data1982
Sauter, Roger MarkG. MillikenThe Use of General Linear Models for Failure Data and Categorical Data1982
Ahn, Chul HwanK. KempA Comparison of Algorithms for Least Squares Estimates of Parameters in the Linear Model1981
Chiou-Siepman, Yow-YeuS. PerngOn Testing the Equality of Two Proportions1981
Elling, Mary MargaretK. KempA Comparison of Normal Theory and Bootstrap Confidence Intervals on the Parameters of Nonlinear Models1981
Kuo, WayR. NassarProperties of the Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimators of Availability1981
Nelson, John CarlD. GroshSome Applications of Statistical Methods in Traffic Engineering1981
Shelley, Jill  1981
Thran, Micheal KevinR. RubisonCumulative Rank Sum Test: Theory and Applications1981
Yuan, Shi-HwaD. HaszaEstimation of the Common Mean of Two Normal Distributions1981
Clason, Dennis Leon J. HessSome Statistical Aspects of the Calibration Problem1980
Greer, Barbara Sue (Kerr) Comparison of Estimators for the Parameters of the Poisson-gamma Marginal Distribution1980
Hsu, Ming-ShuR. NassarNonparametric Estimation of Life Distributions1980
Kerr, Barbara SueD. GroshComparison of Estimators for the Parameters of the Poisson-gamma Marginal Distribution1980
Rahenkamp, JeffreyG. Milliken Low Dose Risk Estimation Using Two Convenient Forms of the Generalized Probit Model1980
Paik, Chang SooS. PerngSimulation Results of a Sequential Fixed Width Confidence Interval for a Function of Parameters1979
Paik, William C.  1979
Samaranayake, Yolanda T. (Juico)  1979
Too, Jui-RzeR. RubisonApplications of Nonparametric Statistics to Multicomponent Solids Mixing1979
Arheart, Kristopher LeeK. KempImplementing Confidence Bands for Simple Linear Regression in the Statistical Laboratory Plotter Program1978
Chapman, Garry MichaelS. PerngProjecting Full-time-equivalence for Kansas State University Using Regression Models with Time Series Errors1978
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