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Department of Statistics

Dr. Trevor Hefley

Trevor HefleyAssociate Professor

Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2014)
B.S., University of Nebraska - Lincoln (2010)

E-mail: thefley@ksu.edu

Office: 205 Dickens Hall

Personal web page: http://www.trevorhefley.com/ 



Research Interests

  • Ecological statistics
  • Hierarchical Bayesian models
  • Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics
  • Wildlife ecology

Teaching Interests

  • Hierarchical Bayesian models
  • Linear and generalized linear mixed models
  • Spatial and Spatio-temporal statistics
  • Statistical methods for biologists and ecologists

Consulting Interests

  • Hierarchical Bayesian models
  • Generalized linear mixed models
  • Statistical methods for biological and ecological data
  • Parameter estimation for partial differential equations