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Department of Statistics

Recognition for Research Accomplishments

Kessinee with her advisor Dr. BelloDr. Kessinee Chitakasempornkul, who recently defended her PhD dissertation in Statistics, has been selected by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate Student Council to be recognized for her accomplishments in research during her graduate program at K-State.

Kessinee is pictured at left with her major professor, Dr. Nora Bello.

Kessinee has two original research papers published or in print in scientific journals, one in an ASA-sponsored statistics journal (JABES), the other one in the official journal of the American Society of Animal  Sciences, namely Journal of Animal Science.


  • Chitakasempornkulgs, K., E. Cha, D. Renter, M. Sanderson, A. Jager, and N. M. Bello*. 2018. “Accounting for data architecture in structural equation modeling of feedlot performance outcomes”. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 23(4): 529-549. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13253-018-0336-7.

  • Chitakasempornkulgs, K., M. B. Menegatgs, G. J. M. Rosa, F. B. Lopes, A. Jager, M. A. D. Goncalves, S. S. Dritz, M. D. Tokach, R. D. Goodband, N. M. Bello*. 2019. “Investigating causal biological relationships between reproductive traits in high-performing gilts and sows”. Journal of Animal Science. In print.

In addition, the third research chapter of her dissertation has been invited for a special issue of JABES on  "Recent advances in design and analysis of experiments and observational studies in agriculture", to come out in early 2020. 

  • Chitakasempornkulgs, K., A. Jager, G. J. M. Rosa, F. B. Lopes and  N. M. Bello*. “A general approach for hierarchical modeling of heterogeneous structural coefficients in structural equation models”. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics. In preparation.

Kessinee with her recognition certificateThroughout her PhD program, Kessinee has presented at her research at six professional conferences ranging from statistics (2017-2018 Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture and 2018 International Biometric Conference) to animal science and epidemiology (2016 Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD) and 2018 Midwest meetings of the American Society of Animal Science). For many of these conferences, Kessinee successfully applied for and secured travel funds from a variety of intramural and extramural sources.

In addition, Kessinee is a co-author on several other peer-reviewed publications and conference abstracts.

Please join us in congratulating Kessinee on this recognition award.