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Department of Statistics

Graduation Party - Spring 2016

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The Statistics Department awarded three graduate degrees in Spring 2016.  

  • Bo Tong completed his Ph.D., working with Dr. Haiyan Wang.  The title of his dissertation is "More Accurate Two Sample Comparisons for Skewed Populations".
  • Xiaojing Zhang completed her Master's degree, working with Dr. James Neill. Her master's report is "A Simulation Study of Confidence Intervals for the Transition Matrix of a Reversible Markov Chain".
  • Chendi Cao completed his Master's degree, working with Dr. Weixing Song. His master's report is entitle 'Linear Regression with Laplace Measurement Error".

In addition, Alex McClellan and Jiena Gu will complete their degrees this summer.

Congratulations, graduates!

Dissertations and Master's reports can be viewed in their entirety at K-State Research Exchange (K-REX).