2016 Pumpkin Carving Contest

Voting is underway for our annual pumpkin carving contest. The pumpkins are displayed in the main office and you can vote for your favorite to help support the STAT club.


Here are rules for the voting process for the best carving.

(1) Each pumpkin has a voting cup. Anyone can vote for one or more favorite carvings just by putting your coins in the corresponding cup. IMPORTANT: Coins help to get points. Bills, however, will result in losing points. Thus, you can use bills to fight against your favorite carving's competitors. (Only US currency is accepted.)

(2) The voting process will last until November 2, at which time the winner will be announced.

(3) You could ask office staff for coins exchanging. They have plenty of coins from the coffee vendor.

(4) The team who gets the most money (coins amount minus bills amount) will be the winner for the pumpkin carving as well as the $20 gift cards.

Creating the carvings

(click on any image to enlarge)