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Smith Scholarship House

Smith House
Kansas State University
331 N. 17th Street 
Manhattan, KS 66502


About Us

Dr. Irene Putnam founded Smith Scholarship House in 1958 in memory of her late brother, Maitland E. Smith. The house, located three blocks south of the K-State campus, provides an affordable, self-sustaining cooperative living environment for male college students. Each house member contributes to the organization through a weekly set of responsibilities, including cleaning the house and cooking meals.


Smith Scholars are provided with many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Since Smith House is largely a self-governing entity, residents will have the prospect of taking part in the leadership of the house.

They may serve as the chairman of a house committee, such as Community Service or Fundraising, gaining valuable leadership experience as a house official and organizing many events for all of the Smith Scholars to participate in. They may also provide vision and direction to the house by being an executive officer such as President or House Manager.

The skills acquired during a student's time in the Smith Scholarship House will help develop him into an excellent leader.


Smith Scholarship House encourages its members to maintain a high level of academic excellence by requiring residents to maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.7 while they are a part of the Smith House program.

Smith fosters an academic environment for students to succeed by encouraging them to put academics first and assisting one another when necessary, as well as having designated quite hours for students to study.


Smith Scholarship House is dedicated to providing Smith Scholars with a sense of fellowship with one another and with the community around them. Members may come from a multitude of backgrounds, but they soon learn that the program must have unity to operate successfully.

The house offers many opportunities for fellowship by organizing community service, intramural sports teams, and a variety of social events throughout the year.