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Stable Isotope Mass Spec Lab

Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Lab

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
Ackert Hall

Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Lab (SIMSL)


The Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (SIMSL) in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University is managed by Wyatt Hansen and directed by Dr. Jesse Nippert. The SIMSL is dedicated to stable isotope and elemental analysis. SIMSL is equipped for the stable isotopic (‰) and elemental (%) composition analysis of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N), in organic and inorganic phases (solids, liquids and gases) as well as oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) in water samples.

SIMSL is intended to be a hands-on teaching facility for the students (undergraduate and graduate) at Kansas State University, and a regional research facility for stable isotope users. The lab supports research in a multitude of natural science disciplines, including ecology, soil science, agronomy, and geology. The lab has been paramount in building understanding of the KONZA Prairie System. In addition to supporting stable isotope-based research in Kansas, the lab will also analyze samples for other interested researchers.  SIMSL is currently accepting samples for C, N, and water analysis. Contact us for sulfur (S) analysis or hydrogen in inorganic and organic phases.

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