From the VPR

We are pleased to share our latest issue of Seek, Kansas State University’s award-winning research magazine. Research is core to our mission as a great land-grant university, a public research university and a university dedicated to learning, discovery and innovation. We take pride in celebrating our researchers’ work and promoting its impact. We invite you to learn more through the pages of this beautiful magazine.

This issue celebrates a wide range of research at K-State, from research on grand challenges, large-scale systems and the health of our planet and its populations, to everyday science on the farm, in the community, in our homes and on the kitchen table. From discovery deep in the disciplines, advancing the state-of-the-art, to transdisciplinary research that cuts across traditional fields of study to create entirely new ones, advancing our state-of-understanding, K-State research is innovative and impactful.

We also feature a story about K-State 105, one of the four pillars of K-State’s bold Economic Prosperity Plan for Kansas launched in 2021. K-State 105 is connecting K-State research and expertise to the needs of communities in Kansas to build economic opportunity and the core elements that support it: child care and early childhood education, health and well-being, housing, transportation and infrastructure, small business development, food security and statewide connectivity.

By focusing on the people conducting research at K-State and the impacts of their work — locally, nationally and globally — we hope our magazine and the research being highlighted inspires both curiosity and pride. Thank you for your interest, support and engagement with K-State research.

Go ’Cats!
David V. Rosowsky, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research