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Explain it: industrial hemp

Watch a video about the first year of K-State industrial hemp research.


Jason Griffin is the director of the John C. Pair Horticultural Center, which is a K-State Research and Extension research center near Wichita. Griffin explains, in under 100 words, what industrial hemp is and why Kansas State University is studying it.

Industrial hemp is not marijuana, but it is the legal and nonintoxicating version of cannabis. It can be harvested for its valuable stem fibers that can be used in many products, from clothing to building materials. The seed, or grain, can be pressed for
oil or used in numerous culinary endeavors. Some industrial hemp varieties produce elevated concentrations of oils called cannabidiol, or CBD, oil. This oil is extracted and used in various, popular CBD products. We are researching industrial hemp to provide farmers with science-based recommendations for production of this exciting new crop. 

Watch a video about the role of law enforcement in understanding industrial hemp research.