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Structural Engineers Association Kansas and Missouri - Student Chapter

Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

2049 Seaton Hall
920 N. 17th St.
Manhattan, KS 66506-2903


Any Questions?
Contact: seakm@k-state.edu

Kansas State SEAKM Chapter Officers

President: Cameron Hicks

Cameron Hicks

Vice President: Perry Foster

Perry Foster

Secretary: Marissa Ober

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Treasurer: Nickolas Divilbiss

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Historian: Cole Herpich

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Webmaster: Zachary Kelvington

Zachary Kelvington

Freshman Representative: Katelin Miller

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Event Coordinator: Alexis Reid

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Event Coordinator: Zachary Dillinger

Zachary Dillinger

Travel Coordinator: Chase Young

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All-Class Representative: Dylan Harrison

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