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Safe Zone

New Listserv for Safe Zone!

Some of our advanced trainings are arranged with very short period of notice. People who don't regularly visit our website might miss the events. Hence, starting the Spring-2018, we have created a listserv to send a regular notification to subscribers. This would not only help us to notify you but we would also send out regular survey for feedback and suggestions.


Who can Register Safe Zone trainings?

Everyone can!  The Safe Zone program is open to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about being an ally to members of diverse communities.

Even if you're not sure whether you want to fully commit to becoming an ally, we invite you to join us for the introductory trainings!

All our trainings are at noon, hence feel free to bring your lunch!

All Safe Zone events and free and open to the public for the education of our community.

To become an Ally, you will need to:

  • Attend one Safe Zone Introductory training every 3 years
  • Retain your ally status by attending at least one Safe Zone topic-specific training session each semester.