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Safe Zone


Through the initiation of the Kansas State University Campaign for Nonviolence (CNV), the Safe Zone Program works with the Counseling Services, the Center for Advocacy, Response, and Education (CARE), the LGBT Resource Center, the Office of Student Life, Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services, The Student Access Center, International Student and Scholar Services, the Office of Institutional Equity, and other groups both on-campus and off-campus to offer training for individuals and Safe Zone allies. 


What is Safe Zone Training

Students, Administrators, Faculty, and staff receive concise, current education/information to offer safe spaces for students who have experienced or feel threatened by violence, bullying, or hate crimes. 

Educated allies receive:

  • Training on issues such as power and privilege, which can perpetuate the oppression of marginalized populations
  • Exercises to increase awareness and understanding of personal experiences as they relate to justice and social awareness
  • Training in listening and responding
  • Training in how to refer to proper offices
  • Handouts and materials of up-to-date resources
  • Networking/connection with others on campus.