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Research Awards, March 2007

Allen, David S., and Bennett, Andrew G., US Department of Education, $100,000, "Infinite Mathematics Project."

Aslin, Raymond G., US Environmental Protection Agency, $64,632, "Forestry Water Quality Protection - Technical Assistance."

Babin, Bruce R., BAE Systems, $26,408, "Spray Cooling."

Baybutt, Richard C., Kansas State University Foundation, $3,000, "Undergraduate Student Cancer Research - Short Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids."

Blair, John M., US Department of Agriculture, $37,035, "Ecosystem Responses to Experimental Warming and More Extreme Precipitation Patterns."

Boland, Michael A., US Department of Agriculture, $120,450, "USDA Agricultural Marketing Resource Center."

Boland, Michael A., US Department of Agriculture, $119,960, "Agricultural Marketing Resource Center."

Britton, Dana M., Sociologists for Women in Society, $89,250, "Gender and Society Editorship."

Brown, Susan J., BASF Aktiengesellschaft, $197,316, "Early ADME for Agrochemicals: Excretion and P450 Metabolism."

Case, Scott A., US Department of Defense, $320,000, "Modify One Existing Emergency Destruct Press (EDP) and Build Nine Additional EDPs."

Chambers IV, Edgar, Nutricia North America, $13,000, "Flavor Formulation Development."

Cloyd, Raymond A., Ohio Floriculture Foundation, $400, "Ohio Floriculture Association Fellowship."

DeLuccie, Mary L., US Department of Agriculture, $593, "Federal Aid in Support of the Child and Adult Care Food Program."

Drouillard, James S., and Nagaraja, Tiruvoor G., Kemira Phosphates Ltd., $45,260, "Evaluation of Megasphaera elsdenii as a Competitive Inhibitor to Reduce Fecal Shedding of Escherichia coli O157 in Naturally Infected Cattle."

Edgar, James H., National Science Foundation, $90,000, "Materials World Network: Collaborative Research: An Investigation into the Properties of B12As2, B4C and Their Heterostructures."

Erickson, Larry E., US Department of Defense, $21,000, "Urban Operations Laboratory-Personnel Suppression Payload Systems (PSPS)."

Fingland, Roger B., Friends of the Sunset Zoo, $4,000, "Sunset Zoo Internship Program."

Fleming, Sherry D., US Department of Health and Human Services, $328,500, "Natural Antibodies and Tissue Injury."

Fong, Peying, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, $27,236, "Epithelial Sodium Channel Mutations in the Genesis of CF-like Disease."

Garrett, Karen A., Bai, Jianfa, and Travers, Steven E., US Department of Energy, $267,892, "Bridging the Divide: Linking Genomics to Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change."

Goodin, Douglas G., US Department of the Interior, $1,500, "Field Remote Sensing Observations for Landscape Phenology Modelling."

Higgins, Daniel A., National Science Foundation, $101,500, "Collaborative Research: New Routes for the Preparation and Characterization of Functionally-Graded and Mesoporous Silica Thin Films."

Holland, Kenneth M., Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Int'l Trade, $19,717, "Canadian Studies Program Enhancement."

Hossain, Mustaque A., US Department of Transportation, $50,000, "Implementation of the Rolling Weight Deflectometer (RWD) for Pavement Structural Data for the Kansas Pavement Management System."

Hutchinson, Stacy L., and Hutchinson, J. M. Shawn, City of Topeka, KS, $50,000, "Research and Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual Creation and Geographic Information Service Support 2005-2008."

Jardine, Douglas J., US Department of Agriculture, $8,000, "Managing Frogeye Leaf Spot, Charcoal Rot and Foliar Diseases in the North Central Region."

Kramer, Bradley A., National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, $2,500, "Invention to Venture 2007 - I2V K-State."

Kuhn, William B., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $58,277, "Proximity Microtransceiver for Interoperable Mars Communications."

Kuhn, William B., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $60,000, "Wide-Band Integrated Si-Based Single Chip TR Module for UHF Radar."

Larson, Nancy J., US Environmental Protection Agency, $45,000, "Pharmaceutical Waste Outreach Project."

Law, Bruce M., National Science Foundation, $9,500, "Materials World Network: Electric Field Induced Microfluidic Manipulation."

Lin, Chii-Dong, National Science Foundation, $50,000, "Quantum Physics of He Near the Double Ionization Threshold -- Quantum Chaos and Wannier Threshold Law."

Lin, Jingyu, and Jiang, Hongxing, National Science Foundation, $99,568, "III-Nitride Deep Ultraviolet Photonic Materials and Structures - Growth, Optical Studies and Applications."

Lynn-Sherow, Bonnie, R.L. and Elsa Helvering Trust and Guise-Weber Foundation, $12,000, "Marshall County Museums: A Pilot Project for the Pony Express Museum and Surrounding Sites - Janet Timmerman."

McCullough, Elizabeth A., US Department of Defense, $1,000, "Thermal Properties of Military Textile Products."

Middendorf, B. Jan, and Thurston, Linda P., Kansas Board of Regents, $23,200, "Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) Funding Model Report."

Minton, J. Ernest, Land O'Lakes, Inc., $50,000, "Endocrine Analyses for Land O'Lakes Purina Equine Studies."

Nechols, James R., and Holt, Kiffnie, Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau, $1,019, "Insect Zoo Publicity Brochures."

Odde, Kenneth G., Kansas Beef Council, $19,125, "Support of Regents Distinguished Professorship in Animal Sciences."

Pei, Zhijian, National Science Foundation, $1,200, "Fundamental Research on Silicon Wafer Fine Grinding to Foster a Quantum Leap in Manufacturing of Silicon Wafers."

Pfromm, Peter H., Amanor-Boadu, Vincent R., Chumley, Forrest G., Madl, Ronald L., and Nelson, Richard G., Koch Genesis LLC, $100,740, "Bio-butanol: Technical and Economical Assessment."

Pierzynski, Gary M., and Stamm, Michael J., Dow AgroSciences, $2,880, "Winter Canola Replicated Yield Trial."

Procter, David E., and Tolar, Mary H., Kettering Foundation, $1,200, "College Student Political Engagement Study."

Rebello, N. Sanjay, National Science Foundation, $16,413, "CoMPASS: Integrating Digital Text in Design-Based Science Classes."

Shanteau, James C., US Department of Defense, $20,952, "Performance Evaluation of Expert Teams in Technological Environments."

Singh, Gurdip, Andresen, Daniel A., DeLoach, Scott A., Natarajan, Balasubramaniam, and Warren, Steven, National Science Foundation, $3,030, "CRI: An Experimentation Platform for Developing Customized, Large-Scale Sensor Systems."

Skabelund, Lee R., US Environmental Protection Agency, $10,000, "KSU Rain Garden Demo Project."

Stack, James P., US Department of Agriculture, $75,000, "Plant Diagnostic Laboratories for Plant Disease and Pest Diagnosis and Surveillance."

Steichen, Ethel M., Corporation for National and Community Service, $44,918, "Evaluation for the CNCS-Funded Service-Learning Project."

Takemoto, Dolores J., US Department of Health and Human Services, $27,000, "Protein Kinase C Gamma in the Lens."

Trewyn, R. W., Kansas State University Research Foundation, $1,051, "KSU Research Foundation Staff Compensation."

Valent, Barbara S., National Science Foundation, $140,000, "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Biotrophic Interactions in Rice Blast Disease."

Valent, Barbara S., National Science Foundation, $11,826, "Community Annotation Database for Magnaporthe grisea and its Interactions with Rice."

Wangemann, A. Philine, and Marcus, Daniel C., US Department of Health and Human Services, $55,273, "Cytosolic Regulation of Inner Ear Ion Transport."

Wright, Valerie F., Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, $1,000, "Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site (OWLS) Certification Award."