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University Handbook, Appendix N:
Reorganization of Academic Units

Reorganization of Academic Units
(FSM 3-17-92, revised 4-14-92)

A variety of circumstances may require combining, realigning, reducing, or other reorganizing of university units. Other policies contained in the University Handbook govern changes based on financial exigency or program discontinuance. Otherwise, the following guidelines shall apply to the reorganization of academic units:

The administrator(s) responsible for the reorganization shall consult with the College Committee on Planning (CCOP) to outline the nature of and the reasons for the reorganization.

The outline shall be shared with all faculty and staff who may be affected by the reorganization and also with the CCOP.

The responsible administrator(s) will meet with affected persons and the CCOP to provide further explanation, to discuss concerns, and to solicit additional information which might lead to revisions in the planned reorganization. CCOP shall prepare a statement to accompany submission of the proposal to the central administration.

Appeals of the final reorganization plan shall be directed to the provost or appropriate vice president, and ultimately to the president.

For the purposes of this policy, academic units refer to the academic colleges, Hale Library, and Kansas State University Research and Extension Services, and the various subunits within.


If reorganization involves changes in academic programs or degrees, these changes are subject to current policy requiring approval by the Faculty Senate.

Whenever there is a reorganization that involves more than one college or unit, FSCOUP shall be invited by the responsible administrator(s) to send an observer to the proceedings.