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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Documentation Required for Annual Evaluations Review for Academic Units

Ongoing documentation of the annual evaluation process markedly reduces the likelihood of future grievances, retroactive reviews, and disputes over tenure and promotion.

The University Handbook prescribes that the Provost review evaluation materials and recommendations from all units reporting to the Provost. Because this is the third level of review and encompasses all academic units, the information to be reviewed consists of summary spreadsheets provided by each unit to the dean or equivalent administrator. The purpose of this review is to determine if questions exist as to equity and process. This review enables us to address these issues before rather than after the completion of the evaluation cycle.

Deans and unit heads (vice provosts, associate provosts, and director of leadership studies) reporting to the Provost within the academic organization should submit a workbook containing the Summary Annual Evaluation Spreadsheets for each of the college’s or major unit’s departments/units to the Office of the Provost at provostpersonnel@ksu.edu by April 7. If you have any questions please contact Craig Bourne, executive assistant to the provost, at 532-6224 or cbourne@ksu.edu.

Completing the Summary Annual Evaluation Spreadsheets:

1.  The Summary Annual Evaluation Spreadsheet is posted on the Office of the Provost website under Resources and in the Department/Unit Head Manual for download by the departments/units.

2.  Department/Unit Head completes each faculty member’s and unclassified professional’s annual evaluation report.

Each Dean/Unit Head reporting to the Provost completes the annual evaluation report for each employee reporting to the Dean/Unit Head.

3.  Department/Unit Head or designee fills out the Summary Annual Evaluation Spreadsheet, sends the completed spreadsheet to the Dean or appropriate Unit Head, and includes the individual evaluation reports and any supporting documentation required by the Dean’s or Unit Head’s Office.

The Dean/Unit Head reporting to the Provost or designee will complete the Summary Annual Evaluation Spreadsheet for those employees reporting to the Dean/Unit Head.

4.  The Dean/Unit Head reviews the department/unit spreadsheets.  After the reviews of all of the departments/units are completed, the Dean’s/Unit Head’s Office compiles all of the department/unit spreadsheets into an Excel workbook and sends the workbook to the Office of the Provost at provostpersonnel@ksu.edu. The Dean/Unit Head also forwards any files it believes should be reviewed by the Provost.