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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Service Codes
Service Code Allocation Sheet

Service/ActivityCode% of Time or FTE
Undergraduate InstructionA 
Graduate InstructionB 
Undergraduate Academic AdvisingC 
Graduate Academic AdvisingD 
Departmentally Funded Research - Research funded through the department and not from an outside source.E 
Other Funded Research/Creative Work - Research funded from an outside source such as AES, Engineering Experiment Station, Grant Contracts.F 
Public Service  
Public Service - Externally-funded public service such as Cooperative Extension Service. Also includes non-credit programs.G 
University and Departmental Service Activities - Internal activities including committees, task forces, and other public service work in relation to the Department and/or University.H 
Professional Service - External public service to professional organizations, national associations (Big 12 Representative), journal reviewer.I 
Professional Development - Activities associated with the development or improvement of a faculty member's/staff's skills and abilities. This would include: Sabbaticals, workshops, extended training programs or activities, Harvard Management Workshop.J 
Academic Support - Activities carried out in direct support of instruction, research, and public service. This would include Library, Art Museum, academic computing. It includes activities that directly contribute to the way in which instruction is delivered or research is conducted.K 
Academic Administration - Includes administrative functions associated with instruction, research, and public service. This would include activities of the college Deans, department heads, and activities associated with their support staff.L 
Student Service - Activities associated with counseling, admissions, registration, financial aid, and student activities.M 
General Administration - Administrative support activities that are in direct service/support to the entire University. It includes executive management, institutional support areas, facilities, and administrative computer support.N