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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Guidelines for the Organization and Format of
Tenure and Promotion Documentation
Kansas State University

To provide a common format for reviewers at the College and University levels, these guidelines are being issued to summarize and organize tenure and/or promotion documentation. The guidelines are used by all Colleges at Kansas State University, but are not intended to direct departments or colleges in their determination of what is to be considered in evaluations for tenure and/or promotion.

Candidate's Responsibilities:

Candidates being considered for tenure and/or promotion need to provide accurate, thorough, and clear documentation of achievements for review at the departmental, College, and University levels. Since there is some variation in the documentation required by departments and Colleges, each candidate should contact the appropriate administrators to determine what must be included in his or her individual documentation package.

Sections I-IX of the package are used to summarize the candidate's achievements and justification for tenure and/or promotion. In this, Section II is to be completed by the Department Head so that the candidate has this written description of responsibilities prior to compiling the documentation package. The remaining sections described in the guidelines are to be completed by the candidate.

Any documentation not required by the candidate's department and College may simply be omitted. College and/or department requirements not covered by Sections I-IX should be included under Section IX - Other Summary Information Requested by the Department or College.

Detailed support - for example, student ratings of instruction, reprints and/or manuscripts, a detailed curriculum vita - should be presented under separate cover and labeled Supporting Documentation.

Department Head's and Dean's Responsibilities:

The Department Head will include his or her written recommendation and summary of the departmental faculty's recommendation(s) following Section I when the candidate's package is forwarded to the Dean. Similarly, the Dean will include his or her written recommendation when the package is forwarded to the Provost.

Download the Guidelines for the Organization and Format of Tenure and Promotion Documentation (.pdf | .doc)