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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Academic Unit/Department Name Change Process


  1. Unit/Department desiring name change contacts other units/departments that may be impacted by proposed name change to see if any concerns exist. If so, they are to be resolved among the units/departments, and if necessary, the relevant deans before moving forward with the proposed change.

  2. If no concerns are raised by other units/departments, the unit/department head of the unit/department desiring the name change sends a letter to the dean officially requesting the proposed name change and the rationale for why the change is desired.

  3. If the dean is supportive, the dean forwards the request, with his or her endorsement, to the Provost.

  4. If the Provost is supportive, the Provost sends the request to the KBOR for inclusion on the COCAO agenda. Prior to the request being sent to the COCAO, the program inventory on the KBOR website must be updated by KSU Planning and Analysis staff.

  5. Once approved by COCAO and the President and CEO of the KBOR, the name change becomes effective.

  6. Any associated changes to acronyms for K-State Course Designations must be sent through the on-campus Approval, Routing and Notification Procedures for Course and Curriculum Changes.