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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

University Distinguished Professors Group Mission Statement

The University Distinguished Professors at Kansas State University have chosen to form a formal organization, the KSU Distinguished Professor Group (UDPG), in order to promote excellence in teaching, research and creative endeavors, and service, to discuss pathways to excellence for the missions and programs of KSU, and to foster effective communication between the university and the public. To help implement these aims, the UDPG plans to: 

  1. Hold regular monthly meetings of its members.
  2. Invite outside speakers and engage them in debate about issues relevant to the university and higher education in general.
  3. Issue policy statements about important university issues in order to focus and advance the debate and to help resolve these issues.
  4. Engage the university administration in discussions about and/or propose priorities concerning the advancement of scholarly research at KSU.
  5. Encourage the recognition of excellence among the faculty, including the selection of new university Distinguished Professors, on a regular basis. UDPG welcomes the opportunity to have one or more of its members serve on the UDPG selection committee.
  6. Hold regular meetings on an annual or semi-annual basis with fellow distinguished professors at sister Regents institutions. These meetings should provide good fellowship, an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest, and might occasionally result in joint statements about educational issues.
  7. Work in various ways to emphasize and advance academic excellence in all disciplines.

* Adopted on May 1, 1996 and modified June 5, 1996.