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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

2003-2004 Provost Lecture Series

The Imperative for Diversity: Implications for Practice
Friday, April 23, 2004
1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Hemisphere Room
5th Floor, Hale Library

Dr. Daryl Smith
Professor of Education and Psychology
Claremont Graduate University

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Smith is Professor of Education and Psychology at the Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California. Formerly, she was Vice President for Planning and Research at Scripps College. Her research interests include diversity in higher education, college governance issues, women in academe, institutional research, student affairs, and classroom teaching. She is currently a board member for the American Association of Higher Education and has served as chair of the editorial board for the Journal of Higher Education and as a board member for the Association for the Study of Higher Education. A few of her relevant publications for this presentation include “Studying Diversity in Higher Education,” “Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths,” “Diversity Works: the Emerging Picture of How Students Benefit,” “ A Diversity Research Agenda,” and “Assessing Diversity on College and University Campuses.”

Dr. Smith, a nationally-recognized authority on issues of diversity in higher education, will speak about why embracing diversity on college and university campuses is so important in today’s world. She will share results from her recent research on this topic as part of a broader discussion of best practices for those institutions seeking greater diversity among their students, faculty, and staff. Her unique and insightful perspective will allow us the opportunity to consider how we at Kansas State University might better accomplish this important goal here on our own campus.