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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Recipients of the Big 12 Faculty Fellowship









Mary Cain

Department of Psychological Sciences
The Impact of Social Isolation on Alcohol-induced Liver Damage
University of Kansas

Jon Hunt

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning
Creative Work and Research for Bookmaking and Letterpress
Baylor University

Shakil Kashem

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning
Enhancing Collaborative Research on Community Resilience in the Great Plains Region
The University of Oklahoma

Kim Klinger-Logan

Department of Mathematics
Automorphic forms on GSpin Groups
Oklahoma State University

Davood Pourkargar

Tim Taylor Department of Chemical Engineering
Sustainable and Resilient Process System Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Jason Scuilla

Department of Art
Environmentally Sustainable Printmaking
University of Central Florida

Shannon Skelton

School of Music Theatre and Dance
The Sacred and the Decadent
The University of Texas at Austin

Peter Stoepker

Department of Kinesiology
Youth Physical Activity Promotion
Iowa State University

Yue Vaughan

Department of Hospitality Management
Can students obtain ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) related knowledge and skills through experiential learning (lab-related classes) in hospitality programs?
Oklahoma State University


Amir Bahadori

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
KSU-KUMC Collaboration in Radiation Health Effects Research
University of Kansas Medical Center – Saha Lab of Radiation Biology

Genevieve Baudoin

Thinking Robotics in Architecture School
Iowa State University

Amanda Gaulke

The Role of Health Insurance Policies in Creating a Barrier to Continuous Glucose Monitor Usage Among Patients with Type 1 Diabetes in West Virginia
West Virginia University

Tania Kim

Understanding the Ecological, Economic, and Social Costs and Benefits of Prairie Strips for Insect Pest Management in Agricultural Landscapes
Iowa State University

Brian Lubbers

Clinical Sciences
Enhancing Pharmacology Education in the Veterinary Curriculum
Texas Tech University


Matthew Brueseke

Evaluating kimberlite ascent mechanisms: insights from the Cretaceous volcanoes of Riley County, Kansas (USA)
West Virginia University 

Behzad Ghanbarian

Applications from tempered fractional calculus to geological spatial series analysis
Iowa State University 

Patricia Ackerman
Katherine Jones
Siny Joseph
Jung Oh

Technology & Aviation
Peer Review of Teaching Online Portal and Classroom Observations
University of Oklahoma 

April Petillo

Cultural Slaving: Creating Consumable Ethnic Bodies Through Sex Trafficking
University of Texas at Austin

Shireen Roshanravan

American Ethnic Studies
The Coalitional Imperative: Political Integrity at the Limits of Queer Rupture
University of Texas at Austin 

Lisa Rubin

Special Education, Counseling & Student Affairs
Collaborating within the Big 12 to Enhance Student-Athlete Development
University of Texas at Austin


Soumia Bardhan

Communication Studies
What Jihad Is (And Is Not): Examining The Role of Religion And Communication In Constructing The Meaning/s Of Jihad”
University of Kansas

Blake Belanger

Landscape Architecture
Increasing Urban Resilience in Tallinn, Estonia
West Virginia University

Hitesh Bindra

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Collaboration in Techno-economic Analysis of Energy Storage Integration with Nuclear Power Plants
West Virginia University

Jessica Canfield

Landscape Architecture
Material Matters:  A Study of Curation Practices and Performative Properties
University of Texas at Austin

Pablo Martinez Diente

Modern Languages
Anarcho-syndicalism and Fiction During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
University of Texas at Austin

Mervi Pakaste

Typographic Visions

David Pickering

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Maintenance and Tuning Skills for the King of Instruments
University Of Oklahoma

Kathrin Schrick

Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Lipid Changes in Guard Cells from Arabidopsis
Iowa State University


Cydney Alexis

English & Writing Center 
From Manhattan to Morganstown: Twenty-First Century Digital Editing, New Media, Writing, and Tutoring Practices 
West Virginia University

Christy Moran Craft

Special Education, Counseling, & Student Affairs 
Investigating the Impact of Christianity in Promoting Prosocial Behavior among Students at both Public and Christian Universities 
Baylor University

Anne Sally Davis

Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology  
Elucidating Rift Valley fever virus’ binding and entry mechanisms guided by its tissue tropism and glycan engagement 
University of Oklahoma

Stuart J. Heckman

School of Family Studies & Human Services 
Developing a Family Finance Research Alliance and Mentoring Relationship 
Iowa State University

Dong Lin

Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering 
Plasmas Welding of Silver Nanowire Aerogels 
The University of Texas at Austin

Carla Martinez Machain and Sam Bell

Political Science 
Early Warning for Preventive War: Decomposing the Observable and Behavioral Characteristics of Rising Powers 
Iowa State University

Alissandra T. Stoyan

Political Science  
Female Presidents and Presidential Candidates in Latin America 
Oklahoma State University


Jichul Jang

Hospitality Management & Dietetics
Seeking Mentorship, Initiating Collaborations and Establishing for Research on Online Hotel Decision Making Process Using an Eye-Tracker Method
Oklahoma State University

Theodore J. Morgan

Division of Biology
Phenotypic Plasticity and Fitness in Invading Populations of Drosophila suzukii
University of Kansas

Saugata Datta

Developing Program of Experimental Hydrogeology in K-State Geology
Texas A&M University

Jennifer A. Hanson

Hospitality Management & Dietetics
Dietary Fatty Acids, Biomarkers, and Psychometric Outcomes
University of Kansas Medical Center

Carlos Castellanos

Department of Art
Art Science Collaboration With Weakly Electric Fish
West Virginia University

Brent Chamberlain

Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning
Linking Geodesign and Geovisualization Through Gaming
University of Texas at Austin


Ryadi Aditayarman

Interior Architecture and Product Design
Architectural Anthropology Analysis of Wayang and Javanese Architecture
University of Texas at Austin

Casey Hoeve

Content Development & Acquisitions
K-State Libraries
Collections, Project Facilitation, and the Digital Humanities
University of Kansas

Gabriel Kerr

Techniques in Mirror Symmetry
University of Texas at Austin

Mary Kohn

From the Highlands to the Heartlands: Urbanization and Language Change
West Virginia University

Chad Miller

Horticulture, Forestry & Recreation Resources
Exploring Collaborative Research Opportunities in the Scholarship of Teaching and Research
Iowa State University

Matthew Sanderson

Immigration and Integration in New Rural Destinations
Iowa State University

Aleksey Sheshukov

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Gully Erosion and Stream Sedimentation in the Great Plains
Oklahoma State University 

Greg Stephens

Arts, Sciences, and Business/K-State Salina
Exploring Leadership Through the Stories and Narratives of Five General Farm Organizations
Texas Tech University

Bradford Wiles

School of Family Studies & Human Services
Building Research Capacity in Early Childhood: A Big XII Fellowship Collaboration
University of Oklahoma-Tulsa


Jonathan Aguilar

Southwest Research & Extension Center
Technologies and Adaptation under Deficit or Limited Irrigation
Texas A&M University

Huston Gibson

Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning
Talking Green in Red States
University of Oklahoma

Mindy Markham

Family Studies & Human Services
Coparenting and Parenting After Divorce
West Virginia University

Caroline Tushabe

Women’s Studies
Decolonizing Homosexuality in Uganda
University of Texas-Austin

Erin Wiersma

Art Department
Kansas State University - Baylor University Drawing Project
Baylor University

Bill Zhang

Architectural Engineering & Construction Science
Multi-Hazard Mitigation of Building Structures
University of Texas-Austin    


Tanya Gonzalez

Department of English
Exploring Masculinity in Queer Latina/o Media
University of Texas-Austi

Vibhavari Jani

Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design
Crossing Boundaries – Building Bridges
University of Kansas

Joy Kozar

Department of Apparel, Textiles, & Interior Design
From College to Career: Inspiring the Professional Development of Students in the Apparel and Textiles Discipline
Iowa State University

Michael Krysko

Department of History
Identifying Radio: American Broadcasting and American Identities
University of Texas-Austin


Jon Hunt

Department of Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning
Land Art Workshop at Baylor University
Baylor University

Elisabeth Pankl

Faculty and Graduate Services
Research, Collections, and Latino Heritage
University of Texas at Austin


Ari Jumpponen

Division of Biology
Use of Functional Gene Arrays to Evaluate Ecosystem Services
University of Oklahoma

Jesse Nippert

Division of Biology
Differential water-use by non-native plant species leads to ecosystem transformations in the Colorado Front Range
University of Colorado-Boulder

Kyle Riding

Department of Civil Engineering
Development of a KSU Concrete Pavement Research Program
Texas Tech University

Gurpreet Singh

Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Collaborative Research in Mechanical Testing of Nano-structures
University of Colorado-Boulder

Elaine Johannes

Department of Family Studies and Human Services
Youth “Voice” through Small Town Entrepreneurship
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ginger Loggins

A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications
The Influence of Presidential News Reports on Racial Attitudes
Texas A&M University

Gary Wysin

Department of Physics
Physics Education Technology Simulations in Statistical Physics
University of Colorado-Boulder


Nora Lewis

Department of Music
Study of Music History Pedagogy
University of Nebraska

Fred Burrack

Department of Music
Music Teacher Certification in Big 12 States
University of Nebraska

Vikas Berry

Department of Chemical Engineering
Collaborative Research in Graphene Technology
University of Texas-Austin

Richard Rosenkranz

Department of Human Nutrition
Progress in Objective Measurement of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Children
Iowa State University and Omaha, Nebraska

Brian McCornack

Department of Entomology
Managing Aphids with Biological Principles and Interactive, Web-Based Technologies
Oklahoma State University

2008-2009 Academic Year

Patricia Ackerman

Department of Arts, Science, and Business
Navigating the High Road to Academic Integrity in College Writing Centers
University of Oklahoma

Deborah J.C. Brosdahl

Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design
Internationalizing Experiential Learning in AT Programs
Iowa State University and the University of Missouri

Sandra Procter

Department of Human Nutrition
Maternal & Child Health & Nutrition Outcome Impact Indicator Identification and Evaluation Tool Development
Baylor College of Medicine in Houston

Debra Sellers

School of Family Studies and Human Services
Creation of a National, Web-Based Interactive for Caregiving Families
Texas A&M University

Haiyan Wang

Department of Statistics
Hypothesis Testing in High Dimensional Data
Texas A&M University

2007-2008 Academic Year

Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Agricultural Economics, "Incorporating Entrepreneurship into Ag Economics Curriculum." Many udergraduate and graduate students do not receive any formal exposure to entrepreneurship because it is virtually absent in textbooks on economics principles. The purpose of this visit is to continue work with colleagues at the University of Missouri-Columbia on the incorporation of entrepreneurship into the agricultural economics curriculum to enhance students' exposure, understanding and appreciation of entrepreneurial concepts, theories and processes.

Wayne Goins, Music, "The KSUNL Jazz Project." Dr. Goins will visit the UNL campus from the first time to establish musical dialogue and exchange of ideas related to jazz improvisation, with special emphasison working with the rhythm section in big band and combo settings, and jazz guitar.

Leslie Hannah, Arts, Sciences, and Business, "Big 12 Inter-institutional Writing Portfolio Assessment." I wish to meet with counterparts at Iowa State and Nebraska Universities to discuss an inter-institutional composition (expository writing) portfolio assessment project.

Jeong-Hee Kim, Secondary Education, "Is Practical Scholarship an Oxymoran?" Collaboration for a research project with two faculty members at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We plan to incorporate our teaching into our research exploring how theory informs teaching practicles of our graduate students who are teachers in K-12.

Laszlo Kulcsar, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, "Building Collaboration in Population and Environmental Studies." I propose to establish inter-institutional research collaboration wiht Texas Tech University and the University of Texas in Austin in the areas of interdisciplinary studies, sociology and social demography.

Cristian Morosan, Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics, "Visit to Texas A&M to Gain Insight into Creating a Center for Rural Tourism Development at Kansas State University." Rural tourism has been proven to be an effective tool in achieving sustainable economic development in rural communities. Due to the rural character of the state of Kansas, rural tourism can be regarded as a strategic tool for local communities. Although Kansas State University (KSU) contributes greatly to the development of rural communities, to date, no state-wide rural tourism initiatives have been pursued. Thus, upon consulting with a variety of faculty, industry, and community groups, it has been agreed that the best starting point in initiating a state-wide program for rural tourism development is to create a Center for Rural Tourism Development at KSU. The Center's primary mission is to assist local communities achieve sustainable economic development through rural tourism through teaching/training, research, and engagement.

Heather McCrea, History, "Diseased Relations: Public Health, & State-Building in Mexico." While at UT-Austin I will utilize the extensive collections at the Benson Latin American Library. This collection contains hard to find materials on the history of Mexico. I will also give a guest lecture in Dr. Brown's Mexican Revolution course.

2006-2007 Academic Year

Koushik Adhikari, Human Nutrition, "Sensory and Instrumental Analyses of Beef Products and Data Analyses Using Multivariate Statiscal Tools." To establish ties with Dr. Rhonda K. Miller, Meat Scientist at Texas A&M University, who is a meat sensory expert. I will conduct collaborative research with Dr. Miller on descriptive, consumer and instrumental analyses of beef products such as steaks from different cuts. Dr. Miller has a trained panel at her disposal for sensory analysis of meat products, which is similar to what we have in our Sensory Analysis Center. Dr. Miller will teach me the techniques used in sensory analysis of meats and I will use my multivariate statistical expertise to help her with data analysis. Also, I will have the opportunity to network with other meat scientists in Texas A&M, who might be willing to collaborate with me as well.

Kurt Gartner, Music, "Ethnic Drumming in the Twenty-First Century." I will introduce concepts of folkloric Cuban music, culminating in live performances. I will integrate Internet video conference technology into a concert, including live (remote) artists.

Steven Stockham, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "Using 'Diagnostic Pathfinder' to Promote Learning within Veterinary Pathology." Under the guidance of Dr. Bender and her colleagues in the Biomedical Informatics Research Group, develop a working knowledge and initiate a study of "Diagnostic Pathfinder."

Akira Tokuhiro, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, "Working Visits to Enhance Experimental and Computational Collaborations in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering in the Big 12." The applicant proposes three strategic visits to initiate and strengthen collaboration under the Big 12 Nuclear initiative, the so-called "Manhattan Project." The initiative amis to synergistically enhance the teaching of and R&D in nuclear engineering, science and technology on Big 12 campuses. Nuclear engineering, as a degree program only exists on four campuses in the Big 12. In contrast, it exists on six of the eleven campuses in the Big 10. Due in part to significant number of anticipated retirements in the nuclear engineering professions, as well as the revitalization of the nuclear power industry, there is a significant shortage of graduates and much interest in new plant construction, respectively.

Deon Van der Merwe, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "Toxic Plant Fragment Identification." The primary purpose of the visit is to acquire the methodolgy needed to identify toxic plant fragments from the digestive tracts of poisoned animals.

2005-2006 Academic Year

Kevin Blake, Geography, "Colorado Fourteeners: The Nature of Place Identity." The visits will contribute to a scholarly book project examining the cultural geography of the Colorado Fourteeners, those mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation, and how these environmental amenities shape place identity at various scales, from local to national. The archives of four libraries in the Boulder-Denver area are central to achieving an understanding of how a community bond with these peaks individually and collectively has evolved. Discussions with Professor Kenneth E. Foote at the University of Colorado-Boulder will provide additional insight into the project and lay the groundwork for collaboration on other cultural geography research projects, such as the landscape symbolism of public memorials.

Beverlee Kissick, (joint with Judy Collins, Jung Oh, and Alysia Starkey), Technology and Aviation, "The Courage to Collaborate: Defining and Implementing Information Literacy Across Curriculum." Through a series of four symposia, the applicants for this fellowship will lead librarian/faculty teams across curricula in the development of course-level Information Literacy practices, and will guide the integration of university Information Literacy student-learning-outcomes into course curricula.

Manuel Moro, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "Novel Approaches for the Study of Mechanisms of Persistence by the Agent of Lyme Disease and Babesiosis in Ixodes scapularis (deer tick)." In collaboration with Dr. Karen Kocan at the University of Oklahoma, College of Veterinary Medicine, I will develop new experimental strategies designed to study mechanisms of pathogen persistence and gene expression for Borrelia burgdorferi and Babesia spp in the vector tick Ixodes scapularis .

Philip Nel, English, "Tales for Little Rebels: A Collection of Radical Children's Literature." Collaboration with Julia Mickenberg, Assistant Professor of American Studies at the University of Texas-Austin, on an anthology we are co-editing.

Om Prakash, Biochemistry, "Establishment of a Research Partnership between Protein NMR Laboratory at KSU and Bio-analytical/Bio-molecular NMR Laboratory at KU" The project will consist of two one-week visits to the University of Kansas to visit Professor Rivera's laboratory for initiation of the project and a one-week intensive training on procedures for the preparation of ¹³C labeled proteins.

David Steward, Civil Engineering, "Involving K-State within a National GIS Initiative in Water Resources." The Ogallala Aquifer in western Kansas is extremely important as it provides water for irrigated agriculture and municipalities in the western 1/3 of the state. My research and education is aimed at developing integrated understanding of this groundwater system, and relies strongly on GIS geospatial technology.

2004-2005 Academic Year

Shafiqul Chowdury, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "BHV-1 and BHV-5 Neuropathogenesis Studies." Dr. Joe Zhou is a neurobiologist and he is also in charge of the Confocal Microscope Facility at Beadle Center. During the visit, rabbit neuro-olfactory epithelium infected with wild-type and recombinant BHV-5 will be processed. In addition, use of confocal microscope and analysis of video/digital data will be learned. Dr. Clinton Jones is an expert of BHV-1 latency. During the visit at Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, trigeminal ganglia from calves infected with BHV-1 will be processed fro realtime PCR.

Davidson, Harriet, Clinical Sciences, "Improvement of Integrated Teaching and Assessment in Veterinary Medicine." The goal of this project is to improve the methods used for teaching and assessment in regards to veterinary medical education. The courses this will initially be applied to at Kansas State University are Grand Rounds I, II, III. Grand Rounds are a series of courses designed to teach students the clinical integration and/or applications of material they are learning in their first 3 years of veterinary education.

Donald Hedrick, English, "Lectures and Colloquia in Cultural Studies." Will give departmental lectures and colloquia on my linked research on Early Modern Cultural Studies and the market in Shakespeare, and on theorizing this "entertainment value" as exemplified now (film, film advertising). As founding director of KSU's program, I will consult on developing their curriculum and furthering collaborations among faculty and graduate students at both institutions, expanding on our well-known annual KSU conference.

Meena Kumari, Anatomy & Physiology, "Genetics of Alcohol Dependence and Affective Disorders." This project is extremely exciting as it represents a different aspect of addiction research that is fast becoming a very 'Hot Topic'. Genetic mechanisms of alcohol research including gene "hunting" are taking addition research to a new era and working with Dr. Hoffman on this topic will give me exposure to this cutting edge research.

Joshua Tebbs, Statistics, "Simultaneous Inference for Odds Ratios in the Analysis of Count Data." Our long-range goal is to develop ne statistical methods which will allow researchers to make simultaneous inferences for odds ratios in studies involving count data. The objective of this proposal, which is the next step to attain our long-range goal, is to focus on procedures involving just two categorical variables.

Irene Ward, English, "Women's Political Rhetoric of the British Inter-war Years." I will consult 5 British women's political periodicals from the 1920s and give a lecture on the political rhetoric of early British women political pioneers.

2003-2004 Academic Year

Lisa Freeman, Anatomy & Physiology, "Novel Roles for K+ Channels in Ovarian Dysfunction," In collaboration with Dr. Paul Terranova at the University of Kansas Medical Center, I will develop multi-faceted experimental strategies designed to determine if voltage-sensitive K+ channels play a significant role in either Src regulation of ovarian responsiveness to pituitary hormones in the mouse or malignant transformation of ovarian epithelial cells.

James Hamilton, Philosophy, "Audience Reactions to Theatrical Performances," to work on part of a larger book length work on theatrical performance that is under contract with Blackwell Publishers. The goal of the book is to analyze theatrical performance as a distinct art form in its own right and to see what implications such an analysis has for leading issues in philosophy and for issues in the philosophy of art more particularly, at Texas Tech University.

Shuting Lei, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, "Stimulating Career Development Through Collaboration in Research and Teaching with a Respected Researcher and Educator," to work with Dr. Komanduri, Oklahoma State University, a successful researcher who has contributed significantly in research on machining of difficult-to-machine materials, which is the focus of the research program that I am developing at K-State.

Denis Medeiros, Human Nutrition, "The Iron Factor in Bone Development," to learn more about conducting studies using bone. My research for 20 years has focused on heart disease as affected by trace elements in the diet. A recent discovery by my lab indicates that dietary iron has an impact upon bone integrity and morphology. The biochemical underpinnings of these observations are unclear. Oklahoma State University has a well equipped bone laboratory for animal and human studies in which I will be able to initiate new studies for collaborative projects.

Dunja Peric, Civil Engineering, "Towards Development of More Accurate Methods of Interpretation of Field Strength Tests in Geotechnical Engineering," to establish a cooperative research partnership between K-State and the University of Colorado at Boulder in the area of failure processes in soils and its applications. The research is of fundametnal importance not only in geotechnical engineering applications, but also in mining and oil extraction technology.

Stefan Romanoschi, Civil Engineering, "Development of a Research Partnership between Transportation Infrastructure Engineering at K-State and Transportation Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin," I will work with the host on developing a sustainable research partnership between the two research laboratories and drafting the framework for various joint research proposals that capitalize on the strength of both universities , in the area of full-scale accelerated pavement testing, pavement condition and response modeling, pavement design and management systems.

Ruth Welti, Biology, "Training in Establishment of the Analytical Laboratory of the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center," my visits to the KU Mass Spectrometry Laboratory will include training in preventative maintenance of mass spectrometers, targeted lipid analytical method development, interaction with the KU-based Lipidomics Center postdoctoral fellow, and transfer of information about directing a mass spectrometry laboratory.

2002-2003 Academic Year

Soontae An and Hyun Seung Jin, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, "The Effects of Political News and Advertising on the Issue Salience of the Public,"

Ki-Joon Back, Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management and Dietetics, "Developing Advanced Lodging Operation Theory Class," (HRIMD 664) by using the most sophisticated computer simulation program for the hospitality industry, HOTS.

Karen DeBres, Geography, "Climate and Settlement of the Central Plains, 1854-1900," to focus upon the interpretation of Central Plains climate in the immigration literature in the second half of the nineteenth century, and the reaction of the writers of the literature to specific weather events and to increassing scientific knowledge of the Central Plains climate.

Patricia Fultz, 4-H Youth Development, "Strengthen the Leadership Capacity of Adult Volunteers to Deliver a Research Based Outdoor Wilderness Program for Kansas Youth," to build a partnership and working connection with the Wilderness Education Association (WEA) and Oklahoma State University faculty to strengthen my professional capacity as an experiential educator and a "trainer of trainers."

Nancy Gyurcsik, Kinesiology, "Improving the health of individuals with arthritis through a physical activity intervention in collaboration with research partners at the University of Kansas Medical Center," to establish a collaborative relationship with researchers at the KU Medical Center who can contribute to the development of a walking intervention for people with arthritis. To contribute to the development of a grant proposal to be submitted to the National Institutes of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases in October of 2002.

Kevin Lease, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, "Establishing a Research Partnership Between Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at K-State and the ISU Center for Nondestructive Evaluation," to lay the groundwork for a cooperative research partnership, and interacting with the Graduate Program Director and Graduate Faculty in the ISU Mechanical Engineering Department.

Candice Shoemaker, Horticulutre, Forestry, and Recreation Resources, "Development of Research Collaboration between Horticultural Therapy at K-State and the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University,"

David Smit, English, "Living with Ingrid Bergman: A Critical Biography," to visit the David O. Selznick Archives at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas-Austin in order to study the primary documents related to my current project, a critical biography of the actress Ingrid Bergman.

2001-2002 Academic Year

Barbara Anderson and Ryadi Adityavarman, Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design, "Observation Study of Historic Preservation Program," to facilitate preparation of a proposal for a collaborative multi-disciplinary historic preservation program in Kansas, at Texas A&M University.

Alok Bhandari, Civil Engineering, "Development of a Research Partnership between Environmental Engineering at K-State and Environmental Microbiology at Oklahoma State University," to learn enrichment and isolation techniques for pollutant degrading bacteria, at Oklahoma State University.

Gregory Eiselein, English, "Critical Edition of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women," to conduct research for the preparation of an authoritative, scholarly edition of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Research activities include: examination of rare first-edition copies of the novel held at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center; collation of these copies to discover textual variants; and meetings with Ransom Center staff and English Department textual scholars to discuss the project, at the University of Texas-Austin.

Jana Fallin, Music, "Research on Cowboy Music," to continue research into authentic cowboy music by using the extensive collection of folk and western music at the University of Texas-Austin.

Keith Hohn, Chemical Engineering, "Collaborative Research in Photocatalytic Oxidation on Nano-scale Catalysts," to interact with an established, successful researcher in the field of catalysis, at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Ari Jumpponen, Division of Biology, "Ecology of fungi in the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project," to establish a collaborative research program between a junior faculty member at Kansas State University and two senior scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The proposal has two final outcomes. First, as a direct result of the proposed visits, the collaborating scientists will prepare a proposal utilizing the preliminary data collected on fungal abundance across landscapes. Second, by obtaining a greater familiarity with the field sites, the two parties involved in this proposal will be able to develop an intersession mycology class offered at Kansas State University and UMC.

Richard McAllister, Kinesiology; Anatomy & Physiology, "Effects of exercise on nitric oxide sythase mRNA in skeletal muscle vessels," to learn molecular biological procedures for determining the amount of messenger RNA for nitric oxide sythase in blood vessels. Nitric oxide synthase is a key protein involved in vessel dilation. Both the research group at the University of Missouri and Dr. McAllister conduct research concerning the benefits of regular exercise on blood vessel function. These procedures will complement Dr. McAllister's research program, which currently examines other aspects of expression of the gene for nitric oxide synthase. The proposed visit is also anticipated to yield preliminary data for the renewal of Dr. McAllister's National Institutes of Health research grant, and to foster collaboration with the research group at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Marcelo Sabates, Philosophy, "Causation and Determinism, Mind and Freedom," to connect the issue of mental causation to the issue of human freedom. This connection is underexplored and is perceived as one of the most important areas in contemporary philosophy. The collaboration has the clear potential to lead to co-authored publications, at the University of Texas-Austin.

2000-2001 Academic Year

Dave Auckly, Mathematics, "UT - KSU Geometry and Analysis Collaboration," to research the structure of higher dimensional geometric objects, to renew an old collaboration, and possibly begin two new collaborations, at the University of Texas at Austin.

Thomas Deans, English, "Technical Communication: Research and Teaching Collaborations," to consult with nationally recognized technical communication faculty on research into service-learning/technical writing connections and recent efforts to establish technical communication courses and graduate certificate in technical writing here at K-State, at Iowa State University.

Wanda Ebright, Speech Communication, Theatre & Dance, "Black Classical Dancers: Then and Now," to pursue a mentoring opportunity outside of K-State that will help hone my research skills, create a supportive professional network, and help in the preparation of a research presentation for a relevant professional conference. Work will be done with faculty from the African-American and African Studies Program, the Institute for Ethnic Studies, and Dance, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln .

James Lillich, Clinical Sciences,"Does K+ channel blockade play a role in the mechanism of prokinetic agents as well as effect motility of the equine gastro-intestinal tract?," to develop a collaborative research effort focused on equine GI physiology between K-State and Texas A&M, at Texas A&M University.

Mary McElroy, Kinesiology, "Women, Work and Sedentary Living," to study the impact of women's work experiences on the ability to develop habits of physical activity. Both quantitative and qualitative information will be collected from several hundred women enrolled in the ISU Exercise Clinic, at Iowa State University.

Sharon James McGee, Arts, Sciences, & Business, " Further Study of Feminist Rhetoric and Its Connections to Empirical and Teacher Research: Possibilities for Collaboration," to establish connections with rhetoric and composition scholars who focus on feminist rhetoric, teacher research, and qualitative methodologies and to provide guest lectures on teacher research and qualitative feminist research, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Yacoub Najjar, Civil Engineering, " Re-Energizing the Civil Engineering Research and Teaching Activities at K-State," to establish viable research and teaching exchange links between CE Departments at the University of Oklahoma and K-State, and to study the new integrated teaching concept "Sooner City," currently practiced at OU, for possible implementation at K-State, at the University of Oklahoma.

Briana Nelson, Family Studies and Human Services, " Development of a Research Program on Interpersonal Attachment and Stress Symptoms in Adult Survivors of Traumatic Events," to develop a research program that focuses on understanding the relationship between previous experiences of loss and trauma and current individual and relationship functioning in adults. This will include developing and conducting research on adult attachment and the impact of loss/trauma in a sample of clinical couples, at Texas Tech University.

Judy Provo-Klimek, Anatomy and Physiology, " Creation of Teaching Programs Using Interactive Simulation of Neurological Lesions and Their Physiological Responses," to formalize and complete preparation for a multi-university USDA grant proposal for the development of interactive teaching programs for veterinary neuroscience, at Texas A&M University.

David Rintoul, Biology, "Analysis of Environmental Contaminants in Adipose Tissues of Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis)," to learn techniques for pesticide analysis of avian tissues, to begin analysis of adipose tissues collected from sandhill cranes during spring migration, to strengthen existing collaborations that evaluate contaminant effects on migratory birds, and to develop proposals for submission to USFWS, USGS and USEPA, at Texas Tech university.

Elizabeth Turtle, Wm. R. Love Science Library, " Information Literacy and Electronic Resources Integrated in Undergraduate Education," to study the operation and activities of the Undergraduate Electronic Commons at Iowa State University Library and gain exposure to the pedagogical issues of information literacy at a large research library, at Iowa State University.

1999-2000 Academic Year

Jana R. Fallin, Music, "Music Education---From the Cowboys to Children to Literature," to further teaching and research interests in Children's literature and music education, and in music and poetry of the Cowboys, at the University of Oklahoma.

Jane Mertz Garcia, Family Studies & Human Services/Communication Sciences & Disorders, "Perceptual and Acoustic Analysis of Dysarthric Speech," to observe and study Dr. David Beukelman's motor speech laboratory, learn and discuss new strategies for analyzing impaired speech through perceptual and acoustic measures, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Karen S. Myers-Bowman, Family Studies & Human Services, "Internships for Undergraduate Students in Family Studies Program: Collaboration for Research and Instruction," to examine alternative models of internship and other professional development opportunities for students, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Texas Tech, Iowa State University and Oklahoma State University.

James R. Nechols, Entomology, "Impact of Biological Control Agents on Non-target Native Thistles," to expand knowledge of plant sampling, the ecology of thistles, and the non-target impact of an imported biological control agent of musk thistle on native species of thistle, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Robert J. Peterman, Civil Engineering, "Establishing a Research Program in Prestressed Concrete at K-State," to gain a better understanding of their respected programs and developing collaborative relationships for future projects, at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas-Austin.

A.G. Ramm, Mathematics, "Uniqueness theorems for inverse Sturm-Liouville problems," to investigate the inverse problems of theoretical and applied nature, at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Silvia Sauter, Modern Languages, "Update research for book-length manuscript in progress at the Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas-Austin."

James Shanteau, Psychology, "Development of a Big-12 Behavioral Aviation Research Consortium," to form a University of Oklahoma-Kansas State University collaboration between behavioral researchers who are working on projects for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Susanne Siepl-Coates, Architecture, "Hospitals as Healing Environments," to enrich my teaching and research about the effects of the designed environment on human well-being and health by gaining new insights into the medical-scientific basis for design of life-enhancing environments.

1998-1999 Academic Year

Paul W. Baures, Chemistry, "Macromolecular X-ray Crystallographic Methods and Analysis," at Texas A&M

Christopher R. Boyer, History, "Research on Mexican Forest History and Curriculum Development," at the University of Texas-Austin

Bronwyn S. Fees, Family Studies and Human Services/Early Childhood Education, "Research and Program Development for Infants in University Laboratory Schools," at the University of Missouri, Texas Tech University and Oklahoma State University

Zhen F. Fu, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "Study Molecular Pathogenesis of Rabies in Single Neuronal Culture," at Texas A&M

Judy A. Provo, Anatomy and Physiology, "Collaboration Toward the Development of Three-Dimensional Anatomical Graphics for Research and Teaching," at Texas A&M

Lawrence R. Rodgers, English, "Literary History of Oklahoma Using the Western History Collection," to give guest lectures and conduct archival research at OU

Melinda Wilkerson, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, "Identifying Alterations of Immune Cell function Induced by Expression of the Nonstructural gene NS3 Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus," at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kimberly Williams, Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources, "Collaborative Development of an Upper-Level Course in Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Management," with faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1997-1998 Academic Year

Richard C. Baybutt, Foods & Nutrition, "Nutrient Mitigation of Monocrotaline-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension," to give guest lecture, perform research data analysis and commence proposal writing at UMKC

Leonard Bloomquist, Sociology, Anthr. & Social Work, "How Big 12 Faculty Organize Their Time, " to interpret case studies interpretation and conduct interviews at OSU

Olga I. Davis, Speech Communication, Theater & Dance, "The Rhetoric of Economic Empowerment: The Language of Community of Tulsa, OK's 'Negro Wall Street'," to conduct archival data collection at OU

Paul Parsons, Journalism, "Student Press Law at Public Vs. Private Universities," to provide a guest lecture, guest teaching and conduct comparative research at Baylor University

Gary M. Pierzynski, Agronomy, "Research on Biosolids at Sierra Blanca, TX, " to present a seminar and consult with faculty, grad. students and postdocs at Texas Tech

Dean Zollman, Physics, "Promoting Collaboration Between Visual Quantum Mechanics (K-State) and Physics 2000 (CU) Projects, " to investigate the overlap and possible synergies of the two programs at CU

1996-1997 Academic Year

John Cooney, Finance, "Research Collaboration in New Security Issues," to develop a new course and pursue joint research projects at ISU

Judy H. Cox, Clinical Sciences, "Equine Dentistry," to study practices and participate in clinical rounds at Texas A&M

Michael J. Kenney, Anatomy & Physiology, "Sympathetic Nervous System Regulatory Mechanisms," to exchange experimental methods, standardize techniques and design experiments at CU

Eugene Russell, Civil Engineering, "Review of Transportation Engineering Activities," to present seminars, review transportation programs and research sponsor ties at ISU and NU

Paul St. Amand, Agronomy, "Collaborative Research on Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)," to establish collaborative research on MAS, a recent advance in plant breeding, at ISU

Ted Schroeder, Agricultural Economics, "Establishment of a National Livestock Marketing and Research and Education Center," to explore development of a joint research/education center, draft grant proposals and present seminars at OSU