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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Guidelines for the Commerce Bank and W. T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Awards

The original and current purpose of these awards is to recognize excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program and to provide an incentive to achieve that goal.

There are four $3,000 awards made each year for excellence in undergraduate teaching. One award is made each year in the College of Arts and Sciences. The other three awards are rotated each year among six of the other colleges (Veterinary Medicine and Technology and Aviation are excluded), with three colleges making the awards one year and the other three the following year (i.e., Even Academic Years: Architecture, Planning & Design; Arts & Sciences; Business Administration; Engineering; Odd Academic Years: Arts & Sciences; Education; Health & Human Sciences).

The final selections for these awards are made at the college level and all teachers are eligible. It is recommended that once an individual is selected to receive this award, that person should not be considered for a second award.

The selections for the awards are solicited from students, faculty, administrators. Nominations are submitted to the dean of the college in which the teacher is appointed. In order to be considered, the nominee must provide student evaluations from at least two but not more than three undergraduate classes that he or she has taught within the last three semesters. The student evaluations should be those obtained by participating in the program conducted by the Teaching and Learning Center. It is the responsibility of the college deans to notify all nominees in their colleges of this requirement.