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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Process and Procedures for Nominations for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The purpose of these awards is to recognize and reward excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program.

There are four $5,000 awards made each year for excellence in undergraduate teaching. One of these awards will go to a graduate teaching assistant. The other three awards are open to all undergraduate teachers, with some preference given to teachers in large freshman/sophomores courses. Veterinary Medicine students are eligible for the GTA award, but Veterinary Medicine faculty are not eligible for undergraduate teaching award, since their students are not in an undergraduate program.

The nominations for the awards are made at the college level and all teachers in an undergraduate program are eligible for the same award. Nominations for the awards are solicited from students, faculty and administrators. Nominees are submitted by department heads to the dean of the college in which the teacher is appointed. Each dean may submit up to four nominees from his or her college: one for the GTA award and three for the other undergraduate teaching awards. Colleges are strongly encouraged to nominate individuals who have not previously won this award.

Nominees from each college should be submitted electronically in PDF format to the Provost Office before the deadline.

Nomination Packet for Outstanding Teaching Award

The nomination packet should contain the following items:

  • Letter of nomination that describes in detail why the nominee is deserving of this award
  • Nominee's current curriculum vitae.
  • Summary of undergraduate courses taught within the last two years (include title and short description of courses, along with number of students enrolled).
  • Student evaluations from at least two, but not more than three, undergraduate courses taught within the last three semesters. If a nominee has taught any large freshman/sophomore course within the last three semesters, those evaluations should be submitted. Student comments should also be included along with the numerical evaluation summary.
  • Up to three letters of support from students.
  • Paragraph from nominee on his/her teaching philosophy.
  • List of contributions made by the nominee to the teaching field within the last two years (one-page limit).


  • All application materials should be sent electronically in pdf format to provounivawards@ksu.edu by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 1, 2019
  • Deadlines to the respective college dean's office for these applications may be earlier than the Provost's deadline. Please check with your dean for internal deadlines.