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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Process and Procedures for Nominations for the Presidential Award for Outstanding Department Head


The purpose of the this award is to recognize and reward an outstanding department head at Kansas State University. 

There is one $5,000 award made each year for the outstanding department head award.

Each dean may submit one nominee from his or her college.

Nominees should be submitted electronically in .pdf format to the Provost Office before the deadline. 

Selection Committee Evaluation Criteria

  1. Role and Scope of the Department.
    1. Brief overview of the nominee's responsibilities.
  2. Accomplishments and Governance as a Departments Head.
    1. Displays leadership qualities, e.g., is proactive and positive, fair and equitable, has a caring attitude, is able to make difficult decisions, is able to delegate when appropriate, and fosters an inclusive approach to accomplishing tasks, and manages conflict effectively.
    2. Fosters a departmental environment that is positive atmosphere for achievement.
    3. Displays vision for the department, and integrates departmental strategic planning and thinking with mission and goals of the university.
    4. Empowers the department, faculty, and staff.
    5. Is innovative with regard to new programs, infrastructure, facilities, and organization.
    6. Shows achievements in areas such as recruitment of outstanding faculty and students.
    7. Promotes professional development for all department personnel.
    8. Participates in professional development opportunities both within and outside the university.
    9. Promotes diversity and understanding of difference among faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Service/Cooperation with other Units in the College and University.
    1. Places emphasis on collaboration within and among departments.
    2. Is an active citizen of both the college and university.
  4. Service to External, Clientele, Professional Societies, and to the Community.

Nomination Packet for Outstanding Department Head Award

The nomination packet should contain the following items:

  • Letter of nomination that describes in detail why the nominee is deserving of this award from the Dean.
  • Nominee's current curriculum vitae.
  • Up to three letters of support: These can be from faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, classified staff, or others who work extensively with the nominee, but need not come from all these groups.
  • Paragraph from nominee on his/her philosophy on leadership and management of a department.


  • All application materials should be sent electronically in .pdf format to provounivawards@ksu.edu. The application deadline is March 15, 2024, at 5 p.m.