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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Kansas State University
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Committees on Planning

Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP) (4000)

Cassie Jones, Agriculture (22-23 & 23-26) (Co-Chair)
Todd Gabbard, Architecture, Planning, and Design (20-22 & 22-25)
Marianne Korten, Arts & Sciences (21-23 & 23-26) (Co-Chair)
Rebecca Adams, Business Administration (21-24)
James Teagarden, Education (21-24)
Kimberly Kramer, Engineering (23-24)
Elizabeth Kiss, Extension (23-24)
Elliot Young, General University (23-26) Alternate: Becca Zecha
Barbara Anderson, Health and Human Sciences (23-24)
Tom Misilo, K-State Libraries (22-24)
Eric Shappee, Technology & Aviation, K-State Salina (19-22 & 22-25)
Erin Bishop, Term Appointment (Spring 22-24)
Gina Scott, Veterinary Medicine (23-25)
Caleb Stout, Student Body President
Don Saucier, Past president of Faculty Senate

Non-voting Attendees:
Lynn Carlin, Liaison for the Provost
Vacant, Liaison for University Support Staff

Considers matters related to the allocation of resources at the University level. Participates with the President of the University in any decisions dealing with reductions in unclassified positions during a period of financial stress or financial exigency. Monitors involvement of faculty in the planning process throughout the University, but especially through College Committees on Planning (CCOP) and/or College Planning Advisory Groups (CPAG).

College Committees on Planning

Agriculture (CCOP only) (4001)

Brian Briggeman, Agricultural Economics, committee chair
Mike Day, Animal Sciences and Industry
Erick DeWolf, Plant Pathology
Brian McCornack, Entomology
Bob Gillen, Agricultural Experiment Center-Hays
Ganga Hettiarachchi, Agronomy
Steve Keeley, Horticulture and Natural Resources
Young Cheng Shi, Grain Sciences and Industry
Jonathan Ulmer, Communication and Ag Education

Eduardo Alvarez Santos, Agronomy (ex-officio; member of FSCOUP)

Architecture, Planning & Design (CCOP/CPAG same) (4002)

Tim deNoble, Dean
Katie Kingery-Page, Associate Dean, committee chair
Sharon Hartwich, Dean's Office, Financial Officer
Thomas Jackson, Dean's Office, Communications
Damon Fairchild, KSU Foundation
Todd Gabbard, Architecture
Neal Hubbell, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design
Tim Keane, Landscape Architecture
Huston Gibson, Regional and Community Planning

Arts & Sciences (CCOP/CPAG same) (4003)

Arts & Sciences Committee on Planning Members

Business Administration (CCOP only) (4004) 

Rebecca Adams (2022) 
Janis Crow (2021) 
Rebecca Heath (2022)
Casey Keller (2022) 
Brian Kovar (2021) 
Valerie Barnett (ex-officio 2021)

Education- Executive Committee (CCOP/CPAG same) (4005)

Kimberly Staples, Chair (Curriculum and Instruction)
Socorro Herrera (Curriculum and Instruction)
James Teagarden (Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs)
Lydia Yang (Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs)
Donna Augustine-Shaw (Educational Leadership)
Diane Murphy (Student Success and Professional Services)

Engineering (CCOP only) (4006)

Fred Hasler (ARE/CNS) (2020)
Dan Flippo (BAE) (2020)
Jennifer Anthony (CHE) (2020)
Alex Mathews (CE) (reappointed 2018)
Lior Shamir (CS) (2020)
Satish Chandra (ECE) (2020)
Todd Easton (IMSE) (2020)
Warren White (MNE) (2020)
Stacy Hutchinson (DO) (2019)

Stacey Kulesza (FSCOUP)
Gary Clark, ex-officio (Exec. Comm.)
Bruce Snead, ex-officio (EXT) (2020)

Health and Human Sciences (CCOP only) (4007)

Brian Lindshield, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health, chair (2022-25)
Michelle Toews, Applied Human Sciences (2021-24)
Erin Martinez, Center on Aging (2023-26)
Jichul Jang, Hospitality Management (2022-24)
Migette Kaup, Interior Design & Fashion Studies (2022-24)
Kelsie Doty, Interior Design & Fashion Studies (2022-25)
Mary Oborny, Kinesiology, university support staff (2022-25)
Steven Copp, Kinesiology (2021-24)
Amy Fitzgerald, Physician Assistant Program, non-tenure track faculty (2023-26)
Morgan Graham, Personal Financial Planning, unclassified staff (2023-26)
Mark Haub, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health, ex-officio, past chair (2023-24)

  Veterinary Medicine (CCOP/CPAG same) (4008)

Veterinary Medicine Committee on Planning Members

Extension EXCOP (EXCOP only) (4009)

Joel DeRouchey
Dale Blasi
Lucas Haag
Shane Potter
Sandy Procter
JoEllen Argabright
Dan Devlin
Jeff Wichman
Jennifer Wilson, Ex-Officio

Library Planning Committee (4010)

Carolyn Jackson, (AY 23-24)
Stephanie Kiersey (AY 23-24)
Alice Anderson (AY 23-24)
Vacant, USS Chair (AY 24-25)
Vacant (AY 23-25)
Ashley Stark, CCOP secretary (AY 23-24)
Gwen Sibley  (AY 23-25)
Jesica Sellers (AY 23-25)
Kathryn Talbot, CCOP chair (AY 23-25)
Tom Misilo, ex officio as the LFPS FSCOUP Representative (AY 23-24)

K-State Polytechnic (CCOP/CPAG same) (4011)

K-State Polytechnic Committee on Planning Members

General Administration Committee on Planning (GACOP) (4025)

Sue Peterson, Office of the President/Office of Research
Jennifer Gehrt, Office of Administration and Finance
Gary Leitnaker, Office of Administration and Finance
Lynn Carlin,  Office of the Provost

Rebecca Gould, Office of the Provost
Sue Maes, Office of the Provost (Dean)
Emily Lehning, Office of Student Life
Larry Moeder, Office of Student Life
Heather Reed, Office of Student Life

Faculty Senate Committee on Technology (FSCOT) (4500)

Abbey Nutsch, Agriculture (23-25)
Don Crawford, Architecture, Planning, and Design (20-22 & 22-25)
Nicholas Wallace, Arts and Sciences (22-25)
Michael Raine, Business Administration (07-24) (Co-Chair)
Lisa Rubin, Education (21-22 & 22-25)
Kevin Wanklyn, Engineering (21-24)
Sandy Johnson, Extension (22-25)
Aaron Stroot, General University (23-26) - Alternate: Scott Finkeldei
Phil Vardiman, Health and Human Sciences (21-24) (Co-Chair)
Carolyn Jackson, K-State Libraries (23-26)
Bill Genereux, Technology & Aviation, K-State Salina (22-24)
Mary (Bowen) Sullivan, Term Appointment (Spring 22-24)
Chris Blevins, Veterinary Medicine (22-24)
Lance Philgreen, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Scott Finkeldei, Liaison for Division of Information Technology
Regina Crowell - Liaison for University Support Staff