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Memorandum of Agreement for Information Access

Chapter 3437
Revised September 2, 2010

Table of Contents

.010 Preamble
.020 Access to Information
.030 Use of Data
.040 Contact Information
Related Content
.100 Data Access Process Flow
.110 General Information Agreement
.120 Information Access Request
.130 Data Steward Agreement

.010 Preamble

The memorandum applies to information contained in the University's administrative systems. This information includes data about faculty, students, staff, financial aid, financials, and facilities. The agreements and procedure apply to information access requests of the following IT units:

  • Information Technology Services
  • Information Systems Office
  • K-State Global Campus Information Systems

These agreements and procedure are derived from the university Information Technology Usage Policy

.020 Access to Information

The University adheres to the provisions of state and federal privacy and records laws. In so doing, the University:

  • Increases the value of University information resources through widespread and appropriate use.
  • Prevents the inappropriate and unauthorized disclosure of information and thereby avoids adverse legal consequences.

Providing efficient and effective access allows the University to minimize expenses related to record keeping and document production and maximize the resources devoted to the primary mission of the University.

The University will provide all employees with the information they need in order to carry out their responsibilities in as effective and efficient a manner as possible.

Access to private information will be limited to authorized individuals whose jobs reasonably require it as determined by an appropriate approval process. It is the responsibility of the requesting department head that the data is used in accordance with University policies and procedures.

.030 Use of Data

Considerable variation constitutes acceptable use from system to system. It is the responsibility of the respective data steward to educate the requestor on the restrictions and requirements for the use of the data. These restrictions and requirements will be documented explicitly either directly within the memorandum or referencing the web site containing the information.

Administrative data users are responsible for:

  1. Completing the General Information Agreement form.
  2. Acknowledging that they have read and understood the data stewards' restrictions and requirements for the use of the data.
  3. Documenting how the data will be assured of privacy, security and protection.
  4. Using University data only as required to conduct University business.
  5. Documenting who will have access to the data.
  6. Releasing data and the information derived from data only to support the normal functions of their administrative and academic duties.

.040 Contact Information

Refer to K-State's Retention of Records Policy. Contact university archivist, Cliff Hight (785-532-3420) if you have any questions about the retention length of records.

Questions regarding this policy should be sent to the Chief Information Officer (CIO).