Weapons Policy

The Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act is the State of Kansas’ policy permitting concealed carry, including on college campuses. On July 1, 2017, the exemption period expires for Kansas State University and other Kansas Board of Regents schools to prohibit the concealed carry of handguns into academic and residence halls.

In order to be in compliance with state law (pdf), the Kansas Board of Regents approved a new weapons policy. The Board of Regents and Kansas State University are taking important steps to keep the university community safe and informed, including an online weapons policy training available to all faculty, staff, students and general community. To complete the Weapons Policy Training, click the button below.

Weapons Policy Graphic

Board of Regents policy
An in-depth description of what is considered a weapon and what constitutes a violation as directed in the Regents' new policy.

University weapons policy
View the university's approved policy and familiarize yourself with new regulations, particularly related to concealed handguns.

Kansas Concealed Carry handgun certified instructors
Should you choose, Kansas citizens can receive Concealed Carry certification from any licensed instructor.