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K-State Police Department

Emergency Management Working Group

The Emergency Management Working Group is a group of functional representatives from across the university who each have a role in making sure that the university’s operations can continue when one or more of our campuses is faced with a serious disruptive event. The group is charged with ensuring the university’s emergency preparedness, continuity of operations and recovery plans are up to date. 

  • Christina Aguilera, director of environmental health and safety
  • Kelli Almes, clinical associate professor at the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab 
  • Jeff Barnes, director of parking and transport
  • Cathy Barry, associate director of Lafene Sudent Health Center
  • Cindy Bontrager, vice president for university operations
  • David Brown, director of operations for human capital services
  • Linda Craghead, director of facility and custodial services
  • Chad Currier, information technology chief operations officer
  • Cheryl Doerr, associate vice president for research compliance
  • Danny Fronce, director of network and telecommunication services
  • Kyle Goerl, medical director at Lafene Health Center
  • Erin Good, associate general counsel
  • Craig Hager, director of security at the Biosecurity Research Institute
  • David Hogg, director of project coordination at the Biosecurity Research Institute
  • Cindy Hollingsworth, executive director of news and communications services
  • Derek Jackson, associate vice president for housing and dining
  • Stephanie Jacques, public information officer for communications and marketing
  • Andrena Keesee, director of facilities operations
  • Nick Lander, associate director for residence life
  • Thomas Lane, vice president for student life and dean of students
  • Casey Lauer, assistant vice president for facilities
  • Laurel Moody, assistant dean in the office of student life
  • Jeffery Morris, vice president for communications and marketing
  • James Muller, director of venue operations and security for K-State Athletics
  • Brian Niehoff, associate provost for institutional equity
  • Jim Parker, director of Lafene Student Health Center
  • Karen Pedersen, dean of Global Campus
  • Heather Reed, assistant vice president in the office of student life
  • Oscar Ruiz, associate director at the K-State Police Department
  • Bryan Severns, project manager for K-State Olathe
  • Christine Splichal, director of communications and marketing for K-State Olathe
  • Alysia Starkey, dean and CEO of K-State Polytechnic
  • Jay Stephens, vice president for human capital
  • Dennis Stugelmeyer, director of fiscal service at K-State Polytechnic
  • Andrew Thompson, assistant dean in the office of student life 
  • Elliot Young, university risk and compliance officer