Jurisdiction of K-State Police


KSA 76-726: Campus Police Officers

"The chief executive officer of any state educational institution may employ campus police officers to aid and supplement state and local law enforcement agencies. Such campus police officers shall have the power and authority of peace and police officers on property owned or operated by the state educational institution. In addition to enforcement of state, county, and city laws, resolutions, and ordinances, campus police officers shall enforce rules and regulations of the board of regents and rules and regulations of the state educational institution, whether or not violation thereof constitutes a criminal offense."


  • Property owned or operated by KSU
  • KSU endowment associations
  • Athletic associations
  • Streets, property and highways immediately adjacent to the campus

Source: Kansas Statute #22-2401a

*Note: Like any other department in the state of Kansas, we are authorized to travel out of our jurisdiction if asked to by another agency.