PLU is dedicated to starting and funding projects aimed at enhancing workspace and equipment used by students in the Department of Chemistry.

Recent Projects

  • PLU updated some instruments and glassware in chemistry teaching labs which include: Melting point apparatus, Vienier Go direct pH Sensor, Gel-filled Polymer Body Single-Junction pH Combination Eelectrodes, Electrode support, nylon membranes, Vernier Spectrometer, Precision Balance, Portable balance, Hot Plate Stirrer, condesers, round buttomed flasks and crystallizing dishes
  • The third floor conference room was redone with new flooring and chairs.
  • New chairs were purchased for the CBC 437 seminar room.
  • An endowment fund was created for the annual student scholarships with the K-State Foundation.
  • PLU purchased a new color printer for the department, located in CBC 213.
  • A couch was placed in CBC 141 to create more comfortable seating for students.
  • PLU, working with the department, installed a new, permanent projector in the CBC 437 conference room. The old screen, which was marked up and stained, was replaced by a new whiteboard which the projector displays on directly.
  • PLU received a grant to purchase new laptops for the undergraduate labs. 40 new Dell laptops were purchased in order to start implementing new technology to assist TAs in the teaching labs.
  • PLU and AXE updated CBC 209 with new chairs, tables and a technology cart. 209 is an often used classroom and seminar room.
  • A new Cary FTIR was purchased and is located in the NMR Room (CBC 128).
  • New stools for organic labs and new balances for Chemical Analysis labs were purchased.