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Phi Kappa Phi

2015 Centennial Celebration

The Kansas State University chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi celebrated 100 years of the love of learning Nov. 15 in the Alumni Center. 

The centennial celebration was attended by more than 160 people, including 35 of its new initiates. Also celebrated were the chapter's 15 Sophomore Scholars, two Phi Kappa Phi Undergraduate Scholarship winners and three national award winners. Attendees were treated to a banquet-style meal and musical selections played by Rick Smith and Wayne Goins, university distinguished professor of music.

Timothy L. Hulsey, associate provost for honors and scholars programs at the University of Tennessee and national president of Phi Kappa Phi, gave the keynote address, which encouraged both new initiates and long-time members to remember the leaders and scholars who came before when thinking about how things are and how they ought to be in the future. He said, "The goal of a liberal arts education is to produce thinkers who embody the motto of Phi Kappa Phi." That motto is "Let the love of learning rule humanity."

Special guest Dr. Sue Williams, alumni initiate, traveled from Cleveland, Ohio, to celebrate the special occasion.



Chapter President Gary Clark

Chapter President, Gary Clark

K-State Chief of Staff and Director of Community Relations, Jackie Hartman

KSU Chief of Staff, Jackie Hartman

Scholarship Chair, Alfred Cochran

Undergrad Scholarship Chair, Alfred Cochran

Phi Kappa Phi National President, Timothy Hulsey

Phi Kappa Phi President, Timothy Hulsey

Phi Kappa Phi National President, Timothy Hulsey

Timothy Hulsey 

Chapter Secretary, Jane Schillie

Chapter Secretary, Jane Schillie

Student Vice President, Ben Coombes

Student Vice President Ben Coomes

Student Vice President, Connor Foley

Student Vice President Connor Foley

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Steven Dandaneau 

KSU Vice Provost for Undergraduate

Studies Steven Dandaneau



Initiates by College/School


College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture Initiates

From left: Youwei Yang, Joshua Roy Mitchell, Caitlynn Marie McVey,

Anna Christine Setter, Kyle J. Blakeslee


College of Architecture, Planning, and Design

College of Architecture Initiates

From left: Eric Scott Jensen, Nneoma Nkechinyere Asinugo


College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Initiates

 From left: Sydney Lynn Webb, Jennifer Hale, Erek Dannenberg, Claire S. Bascom


College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration Initiate

Lily Rose Dollarhide


College of Engineering

College of Engineering Initiate

Jay Alexander Disberger


College of Human Ecology

College of Human Ecology Initiate

Stephanie Renee Plaschka


College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine Initiate

So Lee Park


K-State Polytechnic

K-State Polytechnic Initiate

Trevor Dean Witt


Graduate School

Graduate School Initiates

From left: Penny Bloedel, Kevin Scott West, Nichole Robin Unger,

Danielle Christine Holladay, Emily Grace Mesker, John Adam Herrman,

Brenna Kathleen Dooley, Chenshuang Lu, Catherine Coughlin, John S. Buckley, 

Lindsey R. Dreilling, Katie Ann McClosky, Rebecca Leigh Rowe,

Joshua Jay Rennaker, Heather Lanesta Moe, Bettina Maria Jancke, Erin Marie Wilson,

Becatien Henrijoel Yao, Elizabeth Ann Reicher


Sophomore Scholars

Sophomore Scholars

From left: Megan Burke, Mary Ewers, Tanner Robl, Shaelyn Martin,

Mary Abounabhan, Eli Camp, Megan Burtness, Joseph Paz, Brandi Feehan,

Tricia Schmitz, Justin Schmutz, Kayla Maghirang


Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient, Garret Kays

Garrett Kays



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