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Phi Kappa Phi

Deryl L. Troyer

Chapter Scholar Award, presented April 23, 2014

    Beth Unger with Deryl Troyer

Beth Unger with Deryl Troyer

Phi Kappa Phi is honored to
present its 2014 Scholar Award
to Dr. Deryl Troyer.

We are pleased to present the Scholar Award to Dr. Deryl Troyer, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology.  Prof. Troyer is known for his career work in stem-cell and cancer biology and the use of stem cells as delivery vehicles for cancer therapy.  The use of umbilical-cord stem cells was part of the research to supply an inexhaustible source of stem cells.  Dr. Troyer and chemist Dr. Bossmann have engineered stem cells to deliver cytokines to breast, melanoma, and pancreatic cancers in rodents.  They are currently testing stem cells to deliver therapeutic molecules in nanoparticles and superparamagnetic nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia and imaging. He has also focused on the development of new animal models of cancer.

Dr. Troyer has received recognition for his research and teaching.  His vita contains over 50 pages of refereed articles, presentations, successful grant results, and patents.  In his teaching, he has focused on enhancing student learning by using innovative approaches to encourage critical thinking through active student involvement.  He has also directed masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral students who have won numerous awards for their work.

Phi Kappa Phi is pleased to honor this outstanding researcher with the Scholar Award.

The Scholar Award criteria:

  1. Quality of accomplishments in
    the nominee's field of study.
  2. Achievements of regional,
    national and/or international
    scope (publications, research,
    invited lectures, etc.).
  3. Honors and other forms of
    recognition for excellence in
    scholarly work.

Deryl Troyer
Deryl Troyer
listens to citation.