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Phi Kappa Phi

Laurel A. Littrell

Chapter Artist Award, presented April 2014

    Laurel Littrell and Beth Unger

Laurel Littrell and Beth Unger

Phi Kappa Phi is honored to present its 2014 Artist Award to
Dr. Laurel A. Littrell

Dr. Littrell is Director of Library Planning for Hale Library staff.  She has a master’s degree in Library Science and is an experienced and recognized musical composer with a doctorate of musical arts in music composition.  It is impressive how complementary these two disciplines, library science and musical composition, are when it comes to Laurel's scholarship; her library skills are often applied to research the stories behind her compositions.  For examples, her work, "Ancient Sorrows", is based on historical and genealogical research into her family heritage, and her sesquicentennial composition, "Nature's Law", is based on themes of Kansas and K-State history.

Her recent commissions include 16 works performed throughout the United States (including in Carnegie Hall) and several performances in the United Kingdom.  She is also a scholar with continual refereed publications and -- something you may not know -- an accomplished equestrian.   

She and her husband, Dr. David Littrell, are passionately committed to music and music education.  As an expression of this passion and her hobby, they have established Cedar Vista, a school for music education and horsemanship.  Cedar Vista meets in a former country school not far from their rural home.

Phi Kappa Phi is very pleased to honor Professor Laurel Littrell with the Artist Award.

The Artist award criteria:

  1. Quality of accomplishments in
    the nominee's field of the arts
  2. Achievements of regional,
    national and/or international
    scope (exhibits, performances,
    publications, grants, etc.)
  3. Honors and other forms of
    recognition for excellence in
    artistic work