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Phi Kappa Phi

Initiation Speakers 1989-Current


Jason M. Ackleson

Director of Strategy, Office of Policy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

2016-17 Jana R. Fallin
Director, K-State Teaching and Learning Center
2015-16Tim Hulsey
President, Phi Kappa Phi
Lori Goetsch
Dean, Libraries
2014-15Gary Pierzynski
Head, Dept. of Agronomy
Kurt Gartner
School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
2013-14Ruth Dyer
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Justin Kastner
Director, University Honors Program
2012-13James Hohenbary
Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences
Carol Shanklin
Dean, Graduate School
Hospitality Management and Dietetics
2011-12Jackie Hartman
Director of Community Relations,
Assistant to the President
Joseph A. Aistrup
Political Science
Interim Assoc. Dean, Arts and Sciences
2010-11Tim de Noble
Dean, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Noel Schulz
Electrical & Computer Engineering
2009-10Kirk Schulz
President, Kansas State University
April Mason
Provost & Senior Vice President
2008-09Gary Pierzynski
Head, Dept. of Agronomy
Chris Sorensen
2007-08Nelson Galle
Past Chair, Kansas Board of Regents
John R. English
Dean, Engineering
2006-07John Carlin
Past Governor of Kansas
David Procter
Center for Engagement and Community Development
2005-06Mary Hale Tolar
Executive Director,
Kansas Campus Compact
Stephen W. Kiefer
University Honors Program Director
2004-05M. Duane Nellis
Mo H. Hosni
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
2003-04James Coffman
Lisa Freeman
Anatomy and Physiology
2002-03Alfred W. Cochran
Faculty Senate President, Music
Robert Arens
Architecture, Planning, & Design
2001-02Ron Trewyn
Dean, Graduate School
Elizabeth Dodd
2002 Artist (Chapter award)
2000-01Jon Wefald
President, Kansas State University
Allen Featherstone
2001 Phi Kappa Phi Scholar (Chapter award)
1999-00James Coffman
Mary Beth Kirkham
2000 Phi Kappa Phi Scholar (Chapter award)
1998-99Beth Unger
Vice Provost
Neil Luebke
Phi Kappa Phi National President
1997-98Homer Socolfsky
Margo Kren
1998 Phi Kappa Phi Artist (Chapter award)
1996-97Donald Rathbone
Dean, Engineering
Frank Blecha
Dept. of Anatomy & Physiology
1995-96Beth Unger
Vice Provost
Julie Busby
1995-1996 Graduate Fellow
1994-95Jan Wissman
Associate Dean, Education
(no speaker)
1993-94Barbara Stowe
Human Ecology
(no speaker)
1992-93Nancy Twiss
Arts & Sciences
(no speaker)
1991-92Donald E. Rathbone
Dean, Engineering
(no speaker)
1990-91Donald E. Rathbone
Dean, Engineering
(no speaker)
1989-90James Coffman
(no speaker)