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President's Commission on the Status of Women

2018/19 Report to the President 

The purpose of the President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is to review the roles, needs and opportunities of women, including students, faculty and staff at Kansas State University and to make recommendations to the university president for change where appropriate.

The following provides PCSW's accomplishments for the current year and issues the Commission felt should be brought to the President’s attention.

Accomplishments and Recommendations

Professional Development Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support K-State full-time University Support Staff and Unclassified (non-faculty) Professionals pursuing professional development opportunities by providing limited funding. This year we had 28 applicants with awards presented to 26 of those individuals. Moving forward, the Commission recommends this fund is placed under another entity, such as Women of K-State, for future disbursements.

Health and safety fliers: The PCSW has identified which restrooms on-campus are lacking flier inserts. The Commission recommends inserts be installed in restrooms to accommodate fliers. Furthermore, we also recommend appropriate entities working with DCM to develop fliers with comprehensive health and safety information, including lactation room information. We are not confident women know of the resources available to them; therefore, these fliers would provide them with information about those resources.

Lactation rooms: The PCSW was given two small tables and placed them in lactations rooms in Willard and Waters. With the addition of new tables, chairs, and posters we were able to provide some overall, aesthetic improvement to the older lactation rooms. We were able to remove the link to an incorrect flier providing the locations of lactation rooms. Upon inquiry, the PCSW discovered Lafene Health Center does not have a dedicated space for a lactation room, and, furthermore, the one they currently have is not openly available for student use. After examining best practices for a campus our size, it is our recommendation that a dedicated room be made available in the health center for all lactating mothers, whether they are students or employees. We continue to feel encouraged by the number of new lactation rooms around campus, and recommend charging all departments or agencies with the responsibility of including such a room for their students and employees. It is also recommended there be an update to the campus map and Google, in order to accurately reflect all the current rooms available across campus.

Sexual Violence Policy: After lengthy discussion and review, the PCSW has identified many gaps and room for improvement in the university's sexual violence policy, PPM 3010. The PCSW recommends that the university create a task force to review the sexual violence policy and make updates and edits as necessary based off of best practices as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services. A member of the PCSW should be on the task force. Additionally, faculty and staff should be provided a sexual and relationship violence prevention training annually. 

Changes to PCSW: In order to maintain continuity within our group from year to year, we recommend once again appointing a Chair from the previous year membership. Debra Wilcox has volunteered for this role with your approval. We also recommend the previous Chair stay on the commission as Ex officio to assist the new Chair and ease the transition process.

Informational Updates

SafeBar Alliance: SafeBar Alliance provides education and bystander intervention training to participating bars and drinking establishments, and strengthens relationships that prioritize community safety. Its goal is to keep both bar staff and patrons safer from predatory behavior, harassment, and sexual assault. Good things happen when we create an environment where everyone is working together and looking out for each other. SafeBar originated out of Lawrence, KS and is now implemented nationally. This year, K-State students from SGA as well as campus departments and community partners will collaborate to train Aggieville bar staff and bring SafeBar to our community. Link to SafeBar Alliance website: http://stacarecenter.org/safebar

The PCSW will continue to examine issues that are important to women on the campuses, to review other issues or concerns, and recommend possible solutions to those issues.  The PCSW appreciates the support of President Myers and K-State's administration regarding our recommendations thus far.

Thank you for taking the time to review this report. We will continue to work on the behalf of women at K-State.


2018-2019 President’s Commission on the Status of Women (8075)

Wendy Barnes, Unclassified Professional Representative, Chair

Stephanie Bannister, Unclassified Professional Representative
Soumia Bardhan, Faculty Representative 
Kate Behan, Salina Faculty Representative
Sarah Reznikoff, Faculty Representative
Kristin Tobias, Faculty Representative
Laura Widenor, Unclassified Professional Representative
Debra Wilcox, University Support Staff Representative
Barb Wells, University Support Staff Representative

Kristen Schau, Student Representative
Alexis Hoskinson, Student Representative
Hannah Heatherman, Student Representative

Ex officio:

Christie Launius, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Kiley Moody, Office of Student Life
Felisa Osburn, Past Chair
Sara Thurston, International Programs
Mary Tolar, Leadership Studies
Clara Valadares Kientz, CARE
Deanne Woodard, Office of Student Life

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