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President's Commission on the Status of Women

2017/18 Report to the President 

The purpose of the President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is to review the roles, needs and opportunities of women, including students, faculty and staff at Kansas State University and to make recommendations to the university president for change where appropriate.

The following provides PCSW's accomplishments for the current year and issues that the committee felt should be brought to the President’s attention.


Professional Development Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support K-State full-time University Support Staff and Unclassified (non-faculty) Professionals in obtaining professional development by providing limited funding. This year we had 26 applicants with awards presented to 14. There were several award winners that plan to present at national conference and 2 that are presenting at an international conference.  

Health and safety fliers: The PCSW has received the Lactation Room fliers from the President’s office and are continuing our effort to get them placed in all of the university restrooms. We joined with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance to endorse a non-gender specific restroom flier that will replace the lactation room fliers when the time comes for replacement.

Lactation rooms: The PCSW was able to retrieve and place a used glider in the Willard Hall Lactation room. We actually obtained 2 gliders from the K-State Surplus website and are assessing where the other one should be placed. We have contacted the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition and they stated that there is another group on campus that also wants to update the lactation rooms. We hope to meet with them in the future to combine our efforts. We will update the campus map with the location of all of the lactation stations on campus and plan to link it to sites such as the PCSW website. We also plan to include a history of lactation rooms on the Kansas State University campuses on our website. We are encouraged by the number of new lactation rooms around campus.

SANE/SART nurse program in Manhattan: We heard the encouraging news that Via Christ Hospital has hired 2 Sexual Assault Nurses with plans to hire a third.  The lack of a SANE/SART nurse program was a very serious issue for not only Kansas State University but also for the community of Manhattan. This resolution was very welcome.

Bystander Intervention: The PCSW supported the CARE office in The Bringing in the Bystander program to K-State. With your financial support trainers from the Heartland Task Force were able to come and take steps necessary in establishing a comprehensive prevention plan for our campus. Several members of the Commission were able to take the training to be able to facilitate trainings in the future.

Recommendations for Change

Pay and tenure inequities:  PCSW has researched the salaries and promotion for faculty comparing genders. We will be reviewing the Demographics portion of the IPEDS report to evaluate this issue and allow us to have a clear picture of the inequities in order to work on recommendations for improvement.  

Changes to PCSW: Members of the Commission have noticed a serious problem with continuity within our group from year to year, with the changing of the Chair, which has resulted in spending several meetings catching up with what was done the previous year. We recommend appointing a Chair from the previous year membership. Wendy Barnes has volunteered for this role with your approval. We also suggest that the previous Chair stay on the commission as Ex officio to assistant the new Chair.

The PCSW will continue to work to address issues that are important to women on the campuses, to review other issues or concerns, and recommend possible solutions to those issues.  The PCSW appreciates the support of President Myers and K-State's administration regarding our progress thus far.

Thank you for taking the time to review this report. We will continue to work on the behalf of women at K-State.

2017-2018 President’s Commission on the Status of Women (8075)

Felisa Osburn , University Support Staff  Representative, Chair

Stephanie Bannister, Unclassified Professional Representative

Soumia Bardhan, Faculty Representative  

Wendy Barnes, Unclassified Professional Representative

Kate Behan, Salina Faculty Representative

Linda Henriksen, Faculty Representative  

Brenda Nowakowski, University Support Staff Representative

Jayme Reid, University Support Staff Representative

Sarah Reznikoff, Faculty Representative

Laura Widenor, Unclassified Professional Representative

Miranda Moore, Student Representative

Denise Quinones, Student Representative

Haripriya Naidu, Student Representative

Ex officio:

Steve Dandaneau, Provost Office, Undergraduate Studies

Angela Hubler, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Clara Valadares Kientz, CARE

Sara Thurston, International Programs

Deanne Woodard, Office of Student Life

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