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President's Commission on the Status of Women

Commission Members

To contact the President's Commission on the Status of Women with any questions, concerns or comments, please email us at pcsw@k-state.edu.
Debra Wilcox - Commission Chair

Office Manager

Faculty Representatives

Kathrin Schrick

Associate Professor

Esther Swilley

Marketing Department Head/Associate Professor

Kristin Tobias

Information Technology Coordinator
Information Technology Assistance Center

Unclassified Professionals

Angela Buzard

Education Officer
K-State Olathe

Leena Chakrabarti

Associate Director Academic Student Services
International Programs

RJ Youngblood

Assistant Director Academic Achievement Center
Education and Personal Development

University Support Staff Representatives

Tracey Hurt

Academic Program Specialist
Registrar's Office

Barb Wells

Admissions Evaluator
Office of Admissions

Debra Wilcox

Office Manager

Kansas State Polytechnic Representative

Merta Scott-Hall

Social Work Instructor 
K-State Polytechnic

Student Representatives

Sara Haggard
Kristen Schau
Naemi Shadipeni

Ex Officio Representatives

Christie Launias

Department Head
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

Colleen Rittmann

Executive Assistant
Office of the Vice President for Student Life

Sara Thurston

International Student and Scholar Services

Mary Tolar

School of Leadership Studies

Clara Valadares Kientz

CARE Coordinator
Student Life Office