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Reporting and Analytics

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Reporting and Analytics
226 Anderson Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506


Reporting & Analytics Team Members

David Warren

Senior Reporting Analyst
dxw@ksu.edu  |  (785) 532-2115

Board of Regents Reporting
Student Credit Hours
General Data Requests

Chris Urban

Assistant Director
chrisu@ksu.edu  |  (785) 532-2114

General Data Requests
BI Architect & Development

Yuhao Liu

Lead Data Analyst

Analytics & Modeling
Focused Research Projects
IPEDs Reporting
General Data Requests 
Daniel Carr

Data Analyst

Global Campus/Online/Distance Reporting
BI Product Development
General Data Requests

Nicole Hamler

Data Analyst

Enrollment Management Reporting
External Reporting
BI Product development
General Data Requests

Additional Information

The Reporting & Analytics is a unit in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.