College of Veterinary Medicine

Events for young Wildcats.

Avian Medicine Club booth
All day, I-70 Mosier
The Avian Medicine Club helps provide extracurricular experiences and resources to supplement avian medicine knowledge. Stop by our booth to learn more about what we do and how to get involved if interested.

Bovine Club
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
We will have displays and members available to discuss how we aid in leading future veterinarians in furthering their bovine medicine education.

Clinical skills
All day, 111 Trotter Hall
Want to hear what the veterinarian hears when they use a stethoscope? We have sound machines for that!
You can also learn how to halter a horse, muzzle a dog, and build a cone.

Comparative anatomy
All day, third floor Trotter Hall, Anatomy Lab
Take a look at a variety of preserved animal species while learning about their differences in anatomy. Then take a short, interactive walk to learn about blood flow through the heart.

Exotic Animal Medicine Club
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
The Exotic Animal Medicine Club is hosting a booth to demonstrate the importance of exotic animal veterinarians. Attendees can look at bone, X-rays and specialized medical equipment for different animals.

Human animal bond
All day, BI Auditorium, A101, Mosier Hall
Experience the mental and physical impacts animals have on our lives. Come meet a vet student and their beloved pet.

Kid’s pet clinic
All day, first floor, Trotter Hall
Meet a first-year veterinary student and assist them in performing an exam on a patient. Come learn about some things we look for when doing physical exams.

Pathology booth
All day, second floor, Trotter Hall
This booth will feature a few microscopes with blood smears for attendants to view. Additionally, there will be other preserved specimens from the general pathology lab for viewing.

First aid/toxicology booth
All day, 313 Trotter Hall
This booth features a display of common household items and substances that are toxic to pets. Also at this booth is an array of common bandaging supplies that are used for first aid on veterinary patients.

Parasitology booth
All day, 204 Trotter Hall
This booth will feature different parasite specimens for viewing as well as information about common veterinary parasites.

Race through the GI tract
All day, 109 Trotter Hall
Learn the path food takes through the body by driving remote control cars through our GI tract.

All day, third floor, Trotter Hall
Come compare lungs of a variety of animal species and visualize how lungs inflate.

SCAAEP/Equine Club
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
The SCAAEP/Equine Club booth will have a variety of equine educational displays on a table, and live horses for visitors to see. One horse will be painted with the outline of its skeleton for educational purposes.

Shelter Medicine Club
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
Visitors will get to see what the Shelter Medicine Club at K-State does and how we spread awareness about shelter medicine as a career option upon graduation.

Sunset Zoo demo
11 a.m.-noon, BI Auditorium, Mosier Hall
Ambassadors from the Sunset Zoo will give a demonstration pertaining to zoological medicine and care. Special animal guests will be in attendance to help with the presentation.

Surgery Club booth
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
The Surgery Club booth will have a fun game of operation, surgery gowns for people to try on, and some materials for everyone to practice suturing. Our hope is that everyone gets a glimpse into how fun the topic of surgery is.

SVMC Pride
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
SVMC Pride is hosting a booth for people to learn about the club. SVCM Pride is a student organization that represents and supports the LGBTQ+ community in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Business Management Association
All day, I-70 Mosier Hall
We are a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Swine Club booth
All day, BI Auditorium, Mosier Hall
Swine Club helps encourage and inform veterinary students about the world of swine medicine and all the opportunities that it can provide. This club is a great way to get out of the classroom and gain unique hands-on experience working in the swine industry.