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Office of Institutional Equity


Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

This is an interactive workshop that reviews Federal law, K-State's policy and definition of sexual harassment, everyone's responsibility to avoid conduct that might constitute sexual harassment, potential sanctions for sexual harassment and possible remedies and corrective actions. Case studies and videos are used to add realism and provide opportunities for small group and large group discussions. OIE staff review the complaint investigation and resolution procedures. The training is offered quarterly through Employee Relations and Training or as requested by colleges or departments.

Title IX Employee Training

Sexual harassment and assault on campus is a serious issue for all members of the K-State community. This training is designed for employees and will focus on defining the university’s legal obligation to enforce Title IX regulations, review the complaint and investigation process, as well as provide information on prevention methods such as bystander intervention. 

Equal Opportunity for Persons With Disabilities

This training focuses on how the ADA establishes rules for employers to follow in relation to qualified individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Lectures and small and large group discussions cover recruitment, pre- and post-hiring medical inquiries, hiring, advancement, performance evaluation, reasonable accommodation, discipline and dismissal. Practical exercises include writing non-discriminatory position announcements and descriptions and developing interview questions. Lecture includes the role of the OIE in administering K-State policy. The training can be tailored to a specific group.

Creating A Respectful Workplace

This workshop focuses on respectful working relationships as the basis for a respectful workplace. It is specifically designed to provide participants the skills necessary to choose respectful behavior when conflict occurs and thus avoid charges of discrimination and harassment. Lectures are supplemented by video scenarios to show the adverse effects of conflict on individuals who have to work together. These scenarios show acceptable and unacceptable behavior. OIE staff present the K-State policies that cover workplace behavior then lead group discussions concerning the reasons for the policies, identify resources for dispute resolution and explain the role of the OIE in addressing disrespectful, harassing and discriminatory behavior.

Peer Review Committee Orientation

The Peer Review Committee (PRC) hears permanent USS employees' appeals of unsatisfactory performance evaluations and proposed suspensions with pay for violations of K-State policies including discrimination, harassment and retaliation. OIE staff leads administrative review teams that investigate complaints and recommend disciplinary actions or dismissals. This training provides PRC members an understanding of how the teams investigate complaints and the factors the teams consider in recommending disciplinary actions or dismissals. The session includes K-State's definition of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, ancestry, military status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.