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Office of Institutional Equity

Community Engagement

Kansas State University is committed to fostering a diverse student, faculty, and staff environment that is rooted in respect and fair practices. The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance is engaged in ensuring the university adheres to the laws, regulations, executive orders, and other applicable polices that uphold this guiding principle.  One of the ways the OIE builds on the university’s long history of community involvement and service is by working with community partners to address issues around social justice and inequality.  The resulting collaborative partnerships lead to dynamic community-university initiatives that promote equity, access and social justice.

Dorothy L Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series

Kansas State University established the Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series in recognition of Dorothy L. Thompson's contributions to the field of human rights on campuses throughout Kansas and the nation.  This lecture series provides a series of diversity lectures and seminars.  The focus of the lecture series is to provide diversity/civil rights information opportunities for faculty, students and staff. The lecture series, open to all on campus and in the community, invites eminent scholars and professionals in many fields to Kansas State University to exemplify and discuss how diversity leads to excellence.

Title IX Taskforce

The Title IX Task Force is a university-wide taskforce that is charged with undertaking a comprehensive review of K-State's current practices, policies, and procedures around issues of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. The Title IX Task Force also evaluates the campus climate for Title IX related concerns faced by pregnant students and employees and the LGBT community. 

Principles of Community