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Working together collectively with shared commitment across all levels of the university is necessary to realize our vision for 2030.

A Focus on Plan Alignment

With the launch of a new university strategic plan in September 2023, our Next-Gen K-State strategic planning focus is expanding to include college and major unit planning. All colleges and major units will update their strategic plans by September 2024. Each of these plans should work for and be distinctive for each college or major unit while also clearly aligning with and supporting the vision and aspirations in the university strategic plan – in particular, K-State’s ten strategic imperatives for 2030. Related university plans will also be reviewed and aligned with the university plan and priorities during 2024.

See plan alignment guidance

Read the president’s letter announcing the planning alignment focus

College and Major Unit Plans

All college and major units plans will be completed no later than September 2024. Check back regularly for more details as colleges and major units complete their plans.

View K-State Olathe's strategic plan, launched Oct. 24, 2023, which defines the campus as a premier innovation center and interdisciplinary hub for education and research, serving as a catalyst for economic development in the Greater Kansas City region, Kansas and beyond.

Related University Plans

We are enhancing enrollment, recruiting and retaining a talented student body, and improving overall student success at Kansas State University.
The university has embarked on a bold new initiative to leverage 150-plus years of practical excellence to create thousands of new jobs and capture billions of dollars in new outside investment for Kansas.
The university continues to support the Action Plan for a More Inclusive K-State, as well as the Our Lens, Our Focus, Our K-State inclusive excellence strategic plan.
The university will implement a general education program that corresponds with the Kansas Board of Regents' General Education Framework to enhance ease of transfer across Kansas institutions of higher education.