Strategic Imperatives

Imperative 1

We will grow our total enrollment to 30,000 learners across all of our campuses and formats by steadily increasing our degree-seeking and credit-bearing student populations and expanding our alternative credential-seeking learner populations. The targets we have set for the learning populations that will drive this growth are intentionally framed as ranges to enable us to be nimble and responsive to real-time needs as demand shifts or grows with one or multiple learner populations.

We envision this learning population of 30,000 to include:

  • 23,000 to 25,000 degree-seeking and credit-bearing undergraduate and graduate students studying at one of our three physical campuses or online
  • 5,000 to 7,000 alternative credential-seeking learners – including those completing continuing education courses, earning microcredentials, completing training that lead toward industry credentials at their worksites and pursuing upskilling opportunities to learners seeking skills that can broaden and enhance their value in the workplace.

Imperative 2

We will improve our retention and graduation rates across all student populations, growing our first-year retention rate to 92%, our four-year graduation rate to 55% and our six-year graduation rate to 75% by implementing pathways and support structures that help all students progress through their K-State journey and earn their degree.

Imperative 3

We will provide every degree-seeking student with applied learning experiences before they graduate, fulfilling our commitment to prepare students for life beyond K-State starting early in their college experience.

Imperative 4

We will grow our research enterprise and annual research expenditures to $300 million and our sponsored programs and awards to $270 million with a strong focus on conducting world-renowned, problem-based interdisciplinary research that solves grand challenges and makes transformative impacts.

Imperative 5

We will nimbly and proactively meet the needs of learners, employers and society, working aggressively to understand and anticipate those needs and aligning our programs, services and structures to equip learners with the skills and experiences they need.

Imperative 6

We will be known as a university that is open and aggressively pursues partnerships at all levels with a shared focus on making it easy and seamless for partners to work with K-State.

Imperative 7

We will be a positive force for Kansans — generating significant economic impact for the state of Kansas, contributing to the economic prosperity of all 105 counties, building social mobility for Kansans, and solving problems in our state that can help create a brighter future for our region, nation and world.

Imperative 8

We will become One K-State in all we do, supported by a culture that binds and connects us — prioritizing a mindset of operational excellence at all levels to move our university forward.

Imperative 9

We will become an employer of choice in Kansas and higher education that prioritizes a culture of well-being, satisfaction and engagement, competitive rewards, recognition of excellence, opportunity, continuous improvement and innovation.

Imperative 10

We will grow our total fundraising and philanthropic giving to new heights – with a target of raising a total of $2 billion from FY21-22 to FY29-30, further amplifying our ability to serve and support our learners, scale our impact and fulfill our mission.