Making connections through the Kansas Water Institute

Meeting the water resource challenges within Kansas takes a head-on approach from all of us. KWI is working to bring together our colleges, communities, colleagues, and courses of study.

a group of scientists discuss a new projectWater Wednesdays

Each month, faculty and staff from every college, department and unit are invited to get together to learn about a new aspect of our work to solve difficult water resource challenges. These informal gatherings give everyone a chance to meet someone outside of their normal departmental groups, and to discuss new and exciting ideas about interdisciplinary research. Water Wednesdays are an excellent opportunity to pitch a new project and connect with colleagues.

The long game and urgency of the Ogallala Aquifer

Market to Market | Iowa PBS

Student SupportA group of K-State students help to clear dead trees from the waterway

This spring, 17 students in the K-State chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society enjoyed a workday at Tallgrass Prairie. There, they worked to clear downed trees from the creek that were preventing the water from flowing properly. By the end of the day, they had successfully restored normal flow to the creek.

Sponsored Lectures

Kansas is full of experts when it comes to water! Whether it is faculty from one of our state universities, or other regional experts, our success depends on sharing information often and widely.

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Upcoming Events

The institute helps support events at K-State and beyond. From documentary film screenings to symposia to panel discussions on the topic of water, the Kansas Water Institute has plenty of plans in store! Join us at any or all of our upcoming events. If you or your department is interested in working with KWI to sponsor outreach or engagement pertaining to water, get in touch with us.