About the Institute

Tackling water resource challenges together

Under the 1964 Water Resources Research Act, each state and territory established a water resources institute. These institutes are housed at the state’s land-grant university or at another college or university designated by the governor or state legislature. The Kansas Water Resources Institute housed at Kansas State University receives base funding from the U.S. Geological Survey to plan, facilitate and conduct research that addresses the state’s water resource priorities.

Fast-forward to Sept. 2023: Kansas State University launched it's Next-Gen K-State strategic plan. The plan called for new and innovative interdisciplinary efforts that could create solutions for some of the most pressing issues in our state, nation and world. The university saw an opportunity to elevate the existing Kansas Water Resources Institute by creating a new university-level interdisciplinary institute. Following a meeting of more than 75 faculty across the instititution, the new Kansas Water Institute was born.

We will build on the history and foundation of the Kansas Water Resources Institute to elevate the new Kansas Water Institute as a university-level institute for collaborative water-related research, teaching and engagement.

Using collaboration and community engagement

KWI Director Susan Metzger discusses the intersection of water resource management, agricultural productivity, and interdisciplinary academic research in the recent "Something to Chew On" podcast. Tune in to hear Dr. Metzger's evidence-based solutions for confronting the toughest water challenges of our time.

The institute fosters research on the state’s highest priority water resource concerns, specifically the guiding principles of the Kansas Water Plan.
As we work to elevate the institute's efforts in a more interdisciplinary fashion, review existing work and efforts under the Kansas Water Resources Institute umbrella.