About the Office

Mission Statement

The Office of Military and Veteran’s Affairs at Kansas State University, located in Manhattan, Kansas conducts strategic institutional policy development regarding military-connected student and veteran education; and assists in military-related research and veteran outreach service programs. This office maintains external relations and partnerships with national and regional military and veteran organizations, civil communities and corporate/ business entities involved in military affairs. The executive director also serves as the senior advisor to the university president, cabinet and other major stakeholders regarding this university-wide enterprise.

Operational Concept

Kansas State University operates its military and veterans enterprise by engaging a whole-of-university approach to education, research, and outreach. The nine major university functions depicted below each contribute to our military enterprise in a collaborative manner to support our military-connected constituents and stakeholders.

Education Research

Vision Statement

The primary goal of K-State Military & Veterans Affairs is to be recognized—by the year 2025—as one of the nation’s most military-inclusive public universities. To achieve this aspiration—K-State identifies 3 major functional service areas—aiming to support civil societies role in supporting national defense, serving the military community and its members and contributing to the role that higher education institutions play in military and veterans affairs.