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Department of Military Science (Army ROTC)

About Kansas State University Army ROTC

Army ROTC is a college elective that teaches you the skills needed for a successful career. You'll combine classroom time with hands-on experience and learn leadership and management skills. Additionally, because it's an elective, you can try it out for up to two years with no committment. Whether you choose a career in the Army or the corporate world, Army ROTC will provide you with the confidence and leadership skills you need to succeed in college and beyond.

Where can ROTC take me?

  • Active Duty Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant
  • Reserve Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant
  • National Guard Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant

What do you do in KSU ROTC?

  • Attend classes 2-3 times per week
  • Attend physical training three mornings per week (0600-0700 hours)
  • Help with projects (football games, Veteran's Day parade, blood drive, community service projects, etc.)
  • Attend Leadership Lab (4 hours) every Tuesday afternoon
  • Two (2) field training exercises (FTX) per year (48 hour duration in the Fall semester and 96 hour duration in the Spring semester) 
  • Attend a 37-day Cadet summer training event between the Junior and Senior year at Fort Knox, Kentucky

What do you study in KSU ROTC?

  • Basic leadership skills
  • Basic Soldier skills (land navigation, riflery, military orientation)
  • Confidence and team building
  • Army history and traditions

What do you get out of KSU ROTC?

  • A Full or Part-Time Job (Active Duty Lieutenants start at approximately $57,000)
  • Scholarship opportunities (100% of tuition and fees, book allowance and stipend)
  • Physical fitness