How to schedule time on the microscope or training

  1. To schedule training or assisted operation time, contact Dr. Dan Boyle by e-mail
  2. Approved independent operators of microscopes in the K-State Microscopy Facility may now use K-State Outlook 365 calendars to schedule. An approved operator is an individual that has been trained on a given microscope, and has received instructions on facilities rules and policies by the Director of this facility. They also have on file with the facility an approval form for that specific microscope sign by the individual, their principal investigator or faculty supervisor, and the Director of the Facility. Scheduling request most be made at least one week in advance. If you decide to cancel once your appointment has been scheduled, a 24 hour advanced cancellation must be sent to to not incur charges. Operating hours are 8:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Fridays excluding holidays.

For approved independent operators

How to schedule a microscope using Office 365 Calendars:

  1. Log into your K-State eID account.
  2. Once logged in, go to Office 365 mail.
  3. Upper left-hand click on the 3x3 square and then on Calendar.
  4. Right click on the calendar day and time you would like to schedule.
  5. Select new.
  6. This should open the scheduling window.
  7. Start : select date, time, duration.
  8. In the Event: line, type your name.
  9. In Location: type the name of the microscope i.e. CM-100 or LSM-5.
  10. In Calendar: select the calendar i.e. Biol-CM-100-res or Biol-LSM-5-res.
  11. Click on save.
  12. Your request will now appear on the microscope calendar.