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Microscopy Facility

Microscopy Facility
Daniel L Boyle, Ph.D.
Director, KSU Microscopy Facility
Division of Biology

Ackert Hall
1717 Claflin Rd.
Manhattan,KS 66506

(785) 532-0134 office
(785) 532-6647 lab

Schedule of Charges

Description of Services and Materials

1. Processing of samples, individual training in microscopy and/or technical consultation: $34.96/hr internal, $53.15 external.

2.Transmission Electron Microscope  beam time on FEI CM 100 (per beam hour used): $40.00/hr internal, $60.80 external.

3. Zeiss Laser Scan Confocal Microscope (LSM-5 PASCAL): $20.00 internal, $30.40 external.

4.Supplies provided by the facility for sample preparation. Cost.

5. Hitachi S-3500N scanning electron microscope (room time): $40.00/hr internal, $60.80 external.